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Dear President Biden and Members of the Minnesota Congressional Delegation: 


We come together as Minnesota artists and advocates, but most importantly as human beings witnessing the devastating loss of lives and unfolding horrors in Israel and Palestine.

We ask that, as President and Members of Congress, you call for an immediate de-escalation and ceasefire in Gaza and Israel. With every hour that passes, the catastrophic humanitarian crisis worsens, with more than 11,200 Palestinian and 1,200 Israeli lives lost already. 

We believe all life is sacred, no matter faith or ethnicity and we condemn the killing of Palestinian and Israeli civilians. Only a ceasefire on both sides can stop the immediate crisis and carnage, allow humanitarian aid to be delivered, and begin a peace process that includes the release of hostages.

We urge you to use the full power of your offices to immediately act on behalf of Gaza’s two million residents who are children, and the hundreds of thousands of civilians who have been forced from their homes. Humanitarian aid must be a top priority. Saving lives is a moral imperative.

We believe the role of our elected officials is to carry out the will of the people, and to protect the common good. The majority of voters say the U.S. should call for a ceasefire to prevent civilian deaths.  The consequences of inaction matters to Minnesotans and the world. Our leaders must hear our voices and meet this dire moment with the urgency, political courage, and compassion that we--and the eyes of history--demand. 


We must not look away as over 12,000 bombs have been dropped on Gaza, hospitals have been turned into cemeteries, and thousands of innocent children have been killed.


"Children and families in Gaza have practically run out of food, water, electricity, medicine and safe access to hospitals, following days of air strikes and cuts to all supply routes. Gaza’s sole power plant ran out of fuel Wednesday afternoon, shutting down electricity, water and wastewater treatment. Most residents can no longer get drinking water from service providers or household water through pipelines.... The humanitarian situation has reached lethal lows, and yet all reports point to further attacks. Compassion — and international law — must prevail.” – UNICEF spokesperson James Elder


Beyond our pain and mourning, we are steadfast in our belief that, with creativity and willpower, solutions for peace always exist. Our humanity is bound together, and genocide is genocide, no matter who is committing it. We refuse to tell future generations we stood silent and did nothing. 


We urge your immediate action for a de-escalation and ceasefire now. 

Over 2,000 MN Artists: 

A Andrews, Cartoonist, Minneapolis
A.P. L, Multidisciplinary artist, Minneapolis
Aamina Ahmad, writer, Minneapolis
Aaron Miller, Drummer, Saint Paul
Aaron Bennett, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Aaron Olson-Reiners, Visual artist, Woodbury, MN/ Cartagena, Colombia
Aaron Mader / Lazerbeak , Artist, Minneapolis
Ab Dodge, Tattooist, Minneapolis
Abbe Penziner-Bokde, Musician, Minneapolis
Abbey Quandahl, visual artist, Minneapolis
Abbi Brinkman, Poet, Duluth
Abby Engle, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Abby Huynh, Composer and audio engineer, Minneapolis
Abby Wheeler, Dancer, Saint Paul
Abby Noel, Visual, ceramics, Minneapolis
Abby Guetter, Visual, Saint Paul
Abi Hilden, Actor, Minneapolis
Abigail Ahlberg, Visual, Minneapolis
Abigail Johansson, Creative, dancer, Minneapolis
Abigail Lundebrek, Visual arts, Mankato
Aby Wolf , musician, student, Minneapolis
Adam Wish-Werven, Musician, Performance Artist, Minneapolis
Adam Schaberg, Songwriter, music producer, video producer, Minneapolis
Adam Hurlburt, Songwriter/musician, Minneapolis
Adam Herman, Writer, Duluth
Adam Loomis, Animation, Minneapolis
Adam Calcagno, Musician, Designer, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Addie Smith, Dancer, Minneapolis
Adeline Longtine, Visual artist, musician, Chaska
Adrian Lowe, Visual Artist, Bloomington
Adriana Estill, Poet, Northfield
Adrianna Patrin, Visual, Minneapolis
Adrienne Doyle, multidisciplinary, Minneapolis
Adrienne Novy, Poet, Geneva, IL
aegor ray, writer, Minneapolis
Agata Wang, Visual, Minneapolis
Agatha Pokrzywinski, Actor, Duluth
Aggy Kross, Cartoonist, Minneapolis
Aidan Dillon, Visual, Minneapolis
Aiden Hengel, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Aiden Conner, Comic, Minneapolis
Aili Hakala, Dancer, Duluth
Aimee K Bryany, Theatre Artist, Detroit
Aja Bond , Artist, Minneapolis
Akeena Bronson, DJ, curator, Minneapolis
Akiko Ostlund, Multimedia story teller, Minneapolis
Al Norman, Musician, Minneapolis
al grooms, musician, Minneapolis
Al Truit, A/V, Owatonna, MN
Alana Christen, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Alanna Stapleton, Artist, Minneapolis
Alanna Pleasants, Mixed media visual artist, Saint Paul
Alberta Marana, Visiual, Duluth
Alekz Thoms, Multi-media, Minneapolis
Alessandra Bongiardina, Theater Artist, Minneapolis
Alex Schaaf, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Alex Young, Puppeteer, Minneapolis
Alex Church, Theater artist, Minneapolis
Alex Kern, Guitar/violinist, Minneapolis
Alex Arce, Dancer, Columbia heights
Alex Gross, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Alex Montes, Potter, Minneapolis
Alex Bruckner, Visual and audio/musical, Minneapolis
Alex Bongaarts, Visual artist + animator, Burnsville
Alex DeArmond, Designer, Minneapolis
Alexa McAdams, Potter, Clearwater, MN
Alexander Kollman, Artist, Minneapolis
Alexandra Beaumont, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Alexandra Sellner, Costumer and theater major, Shakopee
Alexandra Eady, Dancer, Saint Paul
Alexandra Sophocleus, Musician, Minneapolis
Alexandra Bodnarchuk, Choreographer, Minneapolis
Alexandra Persaud, Singer/Songwriter, Minneapolis
Alexandria Boulanger, Musician, Poet, and Visual Artist., Saint Paul
Alexia Bilges, Visual, Minneapolis
Alexis Morris, Stand Up Comic, Duluth
Alexis Salem, Visual, Rochester
Alexis DeVance, performance and visual, Saint Paul
Ali Daniels, Actor, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Ali Jaafar, Musician, Saint Paul
Ali Alowonle, Actor, Medina
Alia Jeraj, Singer/performance artist, Saint Paul
Alice O'Callaghan, Drag Artist, Duluth
Alice Wolff, Writer, Roseville
Alice Gebura, Photographer & media artist, Saint Paul
Alice Butts , Visual Artist, Annandale
Alicia Eler, Writer, Minneapolis
Alina Maira, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Alison Wilder, Singer songwriter, Shafer
Alison Hiltner, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Alissa Platzer, Graphic Designer, Minneapolis
Allen Killian-Moore, Multidisciplinary Artist, Duluth
Allie Birdseye-Hannula, Musician and artist, Minneapolis
Allison Durham, Dancer, Choreographer, Director, Minneapolis
Allison Huff, Dancer, Minneapolis
Allison Jones, Fiber artist, Saint Paul
Allison Vallant, Photographer, Saint Paul
allison anne, Visual artist, graphic designer and publisher, Minneapolis
Allison Cottrell, Writer, Minneapolis
Allison Krusche-Bruck, Songwriter and musician, Minneapolis
Allison Gast, Visual, Minneapolis
Allison Payonk, Musician, Minneapolis
Allison Wyss, Writer, Minneapolis
Ally Phillippi, Graphic Designer, Dancer, Lakeville
Ally Mattingly, visual artist, Minneapolis
Alo Osberg, Interdisciplinary, Folk Futurist, Minneapolis
Alondra Gara, Visual, Minneapolis
Alondra Alamilla Benitez, Designer, Director, Minneapolis
Alonzo Pantoja, Visual, Minneapolis
alter hajek , poet, Minneapolis
alxndr jones, illustrator, Saint Paul
Alys Ayumi Ogura, Performance maker, Saint Paul
Alyssa Carl, Painter, Duluth
Alyssa Oursler, Writer, Minneapolis
Alyssa Brinza, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Alyssa Stormes, Filmmaker and Videographer, Minneapolis
Amanda Toomey, Metalsmith, Minneapolis
Amanda Thomm, Entertainer, Minneapolis
Amanda Timm, Dancer, Minneapolis
Amanda Kaler, Multidisciplinary, Minneapolis
Amanda Ritchie, Illustrator, Eden Prairie
Amanda Schroeder, Comic Artist, Minneapolis
Amanda Wirig, Visual artist/musician, Minneapolis
Ameera Khan, Dancer, comedian, poet, Saint Paul
Amethyst Harle-Heim, Fiber, Duluth
Amina Harper, Tattoo artist, painter, Minneapolis
Amy Fladeboe, Writer, Minneapolis
Amy Kuretsky, Healing Arts, Minneapolis
Amy Hamlin, Arts educator and advocate, Saint Paul
Amy Sysaath, Maker, Minneapolis
Amy Banker , artist., Minneapolis
Ana Huff, Musician, Sauk Rapids
Anaïs Deal-Márquez, Writer, Artist, Minneapolis
Analise Kruse, visual, Minneapolis
Ananya Chatterjea, Choregographer, dancer, Minneapolis/St Paul
Anda Tanaka, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Andersen Coplin, Designer, Minneapolis
Andi Valdes Valdes, Graphic Designer, Minneapolis
Andrea Leonard, Singer-Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, Saint Paul
Andrea Shaker, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Andrew Lund, Guitarist, Saint Paul
Andrew Lentz, Singer/Songwriter, Minneapolis
Andrew Ellingson, Filmmaking/Musician/Photographer, Minneapolis
Andrew Stam, Playwright, Minneapolis
Andy Bauer, Musician, Minneapolis
Andy Webber, Musician, luthier, illustrator, Minneapolis
Andy Jacobs, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Andy Schmitz, illustrator/designer, Minneapolis
Andy Rockwood, Musician, Saint Paul
Andy Delany, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Andy Mauleon, Printmaking and Bookmaking, Minneapolis
Andy Ulseth, Songwriter, Bloomington
Andy Magill, Visual, Saint Paul
Angel Pouladian-Kari, visual, Saint Paul
Angela Pelster, Writer, Saint Paul
Angie Courchaine, Community-based artist, Minneapolis
Anh Tran, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Ani Kasten, Ceramic artist, Shafer
Ani Clark, Singer, Brooklyn Park
Anika Schneider, Visual, Minneapolis
Anika Sage Phillips, visual artist, Minneapolis
Anja Espinoza, Theater, Saint Paul
Ann Eiden, Fiber Artist, Cologne
Ann Erickson, Metalsmith, Minneapolis
Ann Helm, Writer, musician, and visual artist, Minneapolis
Ann Larson, Visual Artist, Saint Paul
Anna Ruhland, Visual artists and youth art educator, Saint Paul
Anna Devine, Visual, musician, Minneapolis
Anna Dolde, Musician, Minneapolis
Anna Carlson, Visual, Saint Paul
Anna Gambucci, Painter, singer, conductor, Minneapolis
Anna Fredlund, ceramicist, comic artist, maker, Minneapolis
Anna Dunnuck, writer, painter, Minneapolis
Anna Rasmussen, Poet, Minneapolis
Anna Inslee, Musician, Minneapolis
Anna Clowser , interdisciplinary artist, Saint Paul
Anne Hill, Embroidery Artist, Minneapolis
anne holecek, visual, Duluth
Annette Miller, Professor, Educator, Singer, Minneapolis
Anni Coyle, Musician (anni xo), Minneapolis
Annie B, Photographer, Minneapolis
Annie Hejny, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Annie Thoma, Singer, Minneapolis
Annie D, Mixed media, writer, Minneapolis
Anniessa Antar, weaver, culture worker & educator, Minneapolis
Annika Linde, Illustration artist, Minneapolis
Annika Johansson, dancer, Minneapolis
Ansel Langmead, visual art and dance, Minneapolis
Anthony DeMars, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Anthony Marconi, visual, Minneapolis
Anthony McCulloch, Sound and visual artist, South Saint Paul
Anthony Oslund, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Antonia Kaliher, Illustrator & Designer, Duluth
Antonio Carvale, Songwriter/performer, Saint Paul
Anza Malik, Poet, Saint Paul
Aram Kavoossi, Interdisciplinary, Minneapolis
Arame Sy, Dancer, writer, and visual artist, Minneapolis
Arcadia German, Actor, Dancer, and Writer, Minneapolis
Archie Bongiovanni, Comic artist, Minneapolis
Areca Roe, Visual artist, Mankato
Ares Dayton, Visual, Minneapolis
Ari Wegley, musician, Minneapolis
Aria Trifilio, Visual, Saint Paul
Aria Wright, Visual, Duluth
ARISE , Multidisciplinary Artist, Minneapolis
Aristotle Taylor, Playwright, Duluth
Arnée Martin, Multidisciplinary & Art Educator, Saint Paul
Aryam Gomez Crespo, multidisciplinary artist, Minneapolis
Ash Topaloglu, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Ash Landecker, song writer (transitioner), Minneapolis
Ash Behrman, visual, Minneapolis
Ash Brogan, Visual artist, Saint Paul
Asha Rowland, Multidisciplinary Dancer, Minneapolis
Asher de Forest, playwright, Minneapolis
Ashley Guzman, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Ashley Petschen, Graphic designer, Saint cloud
Ashley Mary, Painter, Minneapolis
Ashley Gold, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Ashley Nichols, Graphic designer & fine artist, Minneapolis
Ashlynn Reynolds, Designer, Minneapolis
Ashtyn Sibinski, Painter, Minneapolis
Aster Ryan, Visual artist, Minneapolis
astrid hubbard flynn, musician/composer, Minneapolis
Athena Coleman, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Atim Opoks, Multidisciplinary performance artist, Saint Paul
Atlas MacRostie, drawer, painter, and writer, bemidji
atom robinson , bassist, Saint Paul
Aubrey Weger, Folk artist and educator, Minneapolis
Audra Swan, Visual, performance, Minneapolis
Audrey McGuire, Architect, Minneapolis
Audrey Mulcahy, Poetry and visual (mostly sculpture), Afton
Audrey Campbell, Designer, Minneapolis
Audrey Kavanaugh, Multi- medium, Minneapolis
August Schultz, Screen printer, Minneapolis
August McAllister, Musician, Minneapolis
Aurora Wolfe, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Aurora Masum-Javed , Poet, Saint Paul
Austin Loher, Music, Minneapolis
Autumn Vagle, Musician, Minneapolis
Autumn G, Animator, digital artist, mixed-media, Minneapolis
Ava Krahn, Visual, Minneapolis
Ava Levy, Musician, Minneapolis
Averie Mitchell-Brown, Dancer/Choreographer, Minneapolis
Avery Taylor, musician/songwriter, Minneapolis
Ayana Greene, Visual, Duluth
AZ Kersten, Visual artist, miniatures creator, Minneapolis
B. Mendoza-Smith, Painter/Poet/Educator, Eagan
Bailey Cogan, Musician & Visual Artist, Saint Paul
Bailey Meadow, designer/artist, Minneapolis
Bailey Shatz , Visual + Performing Artist, Minneapolis
Bao Phi, Poet, Minneapolis
Bayani Genereaux, Painter, sculptor, writer, Saint Paul
Beatrice Morrow, Bookmaker, Minneapolis
Beatrice Peters, Singer/songwriter and composer, Saint Paul
Beatrix Delcarmen, poet, Minneapolis
Beau RaRa, poet, Minneapolis
Bec Skelton, Visual artist and writer, Minneapolis
Becca Knight, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Becky Dale, Composer, theater artist, Saint Paul
Becky Molin, Visual Artist and Writer, Mora
Beetle Sagataw, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Bekah Worley, Painter, Minneapolis
Belle Alvarez, Dancer, Saint Paul
Ben Cook-Feltz, Songwriter, Musician, Minneapolis
Ben Richer, Musician, Minneapolis
Ben Tye, Cartoonist, illustrator, songwriter, musician, Minneapolis
Ben Siglin, Dancer, Minneapolis
Ben Wilson, Musician, Duluth
Ben Clark, Music, Minneapolis
Ben Bakken , Theater Artist, Minneapolis
Benjamin Taman, Filmmaker, Minneapolis
Benjamin Goodney, Writer, Northfield
Benjamin Voigt, Poet, Minneapolis
Benjamin Walbridge, Woodworker, Minneapolis
Berit Dybing, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Bernadette Meeker, illustrator, Minneapolis
Bernadette Miller, Poet, musician, and painter, Minneapolis
Beth Bowman, MA, Visual artist, Saint Paul
Beth Mickelson, Potter, Thief River Falls
Beth Mayer, Writer, Lakeville
Bethaney Parr, Graphic Designer, Minneapolis
Bethany Richards, Visual and spoken word artist, Minneapolis
Bethany Gangestad, Fiber arts, Rochester
Betty Jäger, Goldsmith, Minneapolis
Bhavana Goparaju, Visual, Minneapolis
Bianca Acosta, Hair Stylist, Winona
Bianca Jarvis, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Bijou Hendee, Writer, Rochester, MN
Bird Polacheck, Musician, Duluth
Blue Moreno, Collage artist, Saint Paul
Bo Bartick, Musician, songwriter, multimedia visual artist, Bloomington
Bo Young An, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Bobby Maher , Artist Manager, WoolsMGMT, Saint Paul
Bonnie Young, Studio, Minneapolis
Bradley Hale, Producer, Minneapolis
Brado n/a, Visual/Collage artist, Minneapolis
Brady Lundy, Musician, Minneapolis
Brady Lambert, musician, Minneapolis
Brandi Foster, Musician, Minneapolis
Brandon Tang, Musician, Minneapolis
Brandon Meland, Writer, Minneapolis
Brea Rhodes, Printmaker, St.Cloud
Breanne Tepler, Singer, songwriter and musician, Duluth
Brennah Staidl, Visual Illustrator, Minneapolis
Brennan Gasser, Musician & Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Brent Shoaf, Visual, Minneapolis
Bri Patnode, Actor, Minneapolis
BRIAN HART, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Brian Noyed, visual, Minneapolis
Brian Hause, Musician/songwriter, Minneapolis
Brian Millan, Music producer, Bovey
Brian Moe, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Brian Suerth, Filmmaker, Minneapolis
Brianne Whitcraft, Weaver, Minneapolis
Bridget Erickson, Musician, Duluth
Brig Bogue, Musician, Saint Paul
Bris Carbajal, Apparel designer, Minneapolis
BriShaun Kearns, Visual, Rochester
Brittany Gendron, Visual and performance, Minneapolis
Brittany Whiteman, Visual, Minneapolis
Brittny Malec, Painter and musician, Grand Marais, MN
Brook Pederson, Wood sculpture and design, Montevideo
Brooke Bartholomew, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Brooke Steigauf, Visual artist, Saint Paul
Brooks Turner, Visual, Minneapolis
Bryan Odeen , Pastor, Minneapolis
Bryce Johnson, Photographer, Minneapolis
Brynn Andre, Singer/Songwriter, Minneapolis
Bud Gibson, Musician, Minneapolis
bug stevens, visual, Saint Paul
Bunny Glasser, visual artist, Saint Paul
Buzzy Napoli, Visual, Saint Paul
C.S. Goetze, musician, builder, Minneapolis
Cait Kealey-Swenson, Visual, Duluth
Caitie Dahl, Visua, Duluth
Caitlin Hedberg, Oral performance art, Moorhead
Caitlin Bailey, Poet, Roseville
Caitlin Larkin, Poet, Minneapolis
Caitlin Larson, Painter, Duluth
Caitlin Sparks, Actor, Minneapolis
Calla McDermott, Songwriter, Minneapolis
callie marino, songwriter, Saint Paul
Calliope Farkas, Visual artist, Duluth
Calvin Keyes, Visual, Minneapolis
Cam Sharpe, Musician, Sartell
Cameron Van Berkum, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Cameron Oneal, Tattoo artist, Minneapolis
Cameron Downey, Visual, Minneapolis
Cameron PajYeeb Yang, Visual, Saint Paul
Camilo Villegas, Singer / Songwriter, Minneapolis
Cara Mackenzie, Musician/Producer, Saint Paul
Cara Grohn, Photographer, Woodbury
Carl Atiya Swanson, Poet, Essayist, and Theatermaker, Minneapolis
Carla Schleicher, ceramic artist, Minneapolis
Carla Arnevik, Potter, Saint Paul
Carlee Wehrman, Handmade crafts, Saint Paul
Carlisle Evans Peck , Musician, Teacher, Minneapolis
Carly Jandl, Painter, Duluth
Carlyn Grande, theater artist, Saint Paul
Carol Reinert, Poet, Duluth
Carol Haubner, Fine art photigrapher, New Brighton, Minnesota
Carole Hallman, Fiber, Brooklyn Center
Caroline Innerbichler, Actor, Maple Grove
Caroline Hall, DJ, Minneapolis
Caroline Berezin, Visual, Minneapolis
Carrie Thompson, Photographer / Community Artist, Minneapolis
Carter Stine, Designer + Printmaker, Minneapolis
Cary Armagost, Musician, Moorhead
Carys Fisher, Fiber artist, Saint Paul
Casey Deming, Print / bookmaking, Minneapolis
Casey DePasquale, Potter, Minneapolis
Casey Christiana Buller, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Casper Warren, Illustrator, writer, and poet, Minneapolis
Cassandra Sawyer, Art Therapist, Saint Paul (occupied Dakota and Anishinaabe land)
Cassandra Dahlen, Stained glass artist, Duluth
Cassandra Snow, Writer & Theatre artist and administrator, Minneapolis
Cassidy Walker, Photographer, Wayzata
Catherine Swenson, Vocalist, Duluth
Cathy Carpenter, Humanitarian, Canada
Cavan Denning, Musician, Duluth
Cecelia Erholtz, Musician, Minneapolis
Cecilia Cornejo, Multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker, Northfield
Cecily Bohmann, Painter, performer, Minneapolis
Cedar Thomas, Multimedia visual artist, Minneapolis
Cedar Heffelfinger, visual, Minneapolis
Celina McManus, poet, Saint Paul
Chamindika Wanduragala, puppet artist, Minneapolis
Chance Eggan, songwriter, Minneapolis
Chandler Peters-DuRose, Poet, Minneapolis
Chanelle Gallagher, Ojibwe ceramic artist, Minneapolis
Chantelle Feddersen, Visual, Rochester
Charis Blacklock, Ceramic, Duluth
Charis Clark, Animator, Minneapolis
Charles Evans-Anderson, Visual, Minneapolis
Charlie Kelley-Pegg, Letterpress artist, Minneapolis
Charlie Sheely, Mixed media artist, Minneapolis
Charlie Tirey, visual, Minneapolis
Charlie Kral, Videographer/photographer, Minneapolis
Charlie Boone, Songwriter, Saint Paul
Charlie Bartlett, Writer, Minneapolis
Chaun Webster, Poet, Minneapolis
Chavonn Shen, Poet, Minneapolis
Chelsey Beilhartz, Mural, Fergus falls
Chelsie Newhard, Theatre Artist, Minneapolis
Chitra Vairavan, dance, Germantown, Wi
Chloe Wiitala, Musician, visual artist, Duluth
Chloe Smelser, Media (Photography) and Writer, St. Cloud
Chloe Hagen, Resin and fiber arts, Minneapolis
Chris Koza, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Chris Stohre, Photographer, Ashland
Chris Cuellar, Musician, Minneapolis
Chris Cook, Writer, Film maker, Hopkins
Chris Martin , Poet, Minneapolis
Christian Wheeler, Musician, Saint Paul
Christian Hanson, Sculptor, Rochester
Christian Johnson, Music/Visual Art, Minneapolis
Christian Calabrese, Filmmaker, Minneapolis
Christian Erickson, Songwriter and Music Producer, Minneapolis
Christian Langheinrich, Sound Artist, Minneapolis
Christianne Hedtke, Filmmaker, Duluth
Christina Redondo , artist, Minneapolis
Christine Novotny, Textile, Grand Marais MN
Christopher McDonald, Musician, photographer, actors, Minneapolis
Christopher E. Harrison, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Chue Lor, writer, Brooklyn Center
Ciara Alfaro, Writer, Minneapolis
Cierra Dailey, Dancer, Minneapolis
Claire Sommerhauser, Visual, performing, and textile arts, Saint paul/Rush city
Claire Wahmanholm, Poet, Saint Paul
claire loes, visual & textile, Minneapolis
Claire Glirbas, visual artist, Minneapolis
Claire Walchuk, Fiber artist, Mankato
Claire Ricard, singer/songwriter, St Payl
Claire Comstock-Gay, Writer, Saint Paul
Claire Chenoweth, theatre artist, Minneapolis
Clancy Ward, Woodworker, Duluth
Clara Marsh, Actor, Minneapolis
Clare Doyle, Musician, Saint Paul
Clark Amann, Drummer and producer, Minneapolis
Claudette Webster, poet/writer, Saint Paul
Claudia Weiss, visual, Minneapolis
Clayton Clemetson, Composer, Minneapolis
clio cullison, visual, Minneapolis
Cody Bourdot, Singer, musician, broadcast engineer, promoter, Minneapolis
Colby Colby, Singer/Songwriter and Co-owner of High Forest Ink (screen printing and design), Rochester
Cole Sutton, Cartographer, Saint Paul
Cole Seidl, Filmmaker, Minneapolis
Colette Mahr, Visual, Minneapolis
Colie August, Multimedia, Minneapolis
Colin Meyer, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Colin Bracewell, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Colleen Cowie, Musician, Minneapolis
Colleen Apostle, writer, Saint Paul
Colleen Myhre, Songwriter, Duluth
Collin Poetting, Songwriter, Mazeppa
Collin Dall, Songwriter, Minneapolis
conner hildahl, visual artist, northfield
Connor Stratton, Poet, Minneapolis
Cooper & Kyle Orla, Musicians and Music School Owners, Duluth
Corey Gice, Musician, Duluth
Corrine Hanson, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Court Berndt, Visual Artist and Musician, Minneapolis
Courtney Borgman, Dancer, Minneapolis
Courtney Cochran, Filmmaker, screen printer, muralist, teaching artist and youth mentor, Minneapolis
Craig Minowa, Songwriter/Composer:Cloud Cult, Minneapolis
Cristian Baca, DJ/Producer/Event Promoter, Minneapolis
Crystal Brinkman, Musician, Minneapolis
Crystal Quinn, Textile, Minneapolis
Cyanna Taylor, visual, Minneapolis
Cynth Xie, Visual, Minneapolis
D. Allen, Poet & multidisciplinary artist, Minneapolis
Dahlia Ly, Photographer, Minneapolis
Daisy Swimmer, musician / composer, Minneapolis
Dale Weiman, Musician, Hugo
Daley Farr , Writer and Publicist, Minneapolis
Dameun Strange, Sound Artists, Producer, Saint Paul
Dan Dukich, musician, Minneapolis
Dan DeMarco, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Dan Stanton, Musician, Minneapolis
Dana Zetterlund, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Dani Michaele, songwriter, Minneapolis
Daniel Lentz, Musician, Minneapolis
Daniel Hoffstrom, Filmmaker, Minneapolis
Daniel Ellis, Visual Artist/Concept Artist, Minneapolis
Daniel Fuhs, Songwriter, Duluth
Daniel Crist, Musician, Minneapolis
Daniel Grove, Dancer, Minneapolis
Daniel Lawonn, Musician, Minneapolis
Danielle Schwartz, Filmmaker, Winona
Danielle Peterson, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Danielle Siver, Theatre artist and visual artist, Minneapolis
Danielle Cusack, Musician, Saint Paul
Danika LeMay, poet, Roseville
danny arens, tattoo artist, Minneapolis
Dante Leyva, Musician, Saint Paul
Dante Lawrence, Designer and Drag Artist, Minneapolis
Daphne DiFazio, Writer + Performer, Minneapolis
Darius Littlejohn, Poet, Maplewood
Dave Power, Drummer, Minneapolis
David Swenson, Ceramic, Clearwater
David Huckfelt, Songwriter, Minneapolis
David Bryant, songwriter / producer, Minneapolis
Daylen Moore, singer, songwriter, Duluth
Deb Jance, Writer and chaplain, Hopkins
Deb Boyle, visual artist and writer, Lindstrom
Deeva Rose, Burlesque, Minneapolis
Delaney Dresser, Dancer, circus performer, Saint Paul
Delaney Keshena, skinworker, Minneapolis
Deneane Richburg, Choregrapher, Saint Paul
Denise Huynh, Poet, Saint Paul
Derek Sykes, Playwright, Actor and Director, Little Canada
Derrick Briggs, Producer/Visuals, St. Michael
Devin Faddis, Musician, Minneapolis
Devon Pruitt, Dancer, Minneapolis
Dexter Wolfe, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Dez Bilges, Visual, Minneapolis
Diana Oestreich, Author + Iraq war Veteran, Duluth
Dio Cramer, Graphic Designer, Minneapolis
dipankar mukherjee, artistic director, Minneapolis
dolo mccomb, performance artist, new hope
Dom Capello, Poet, producer, MC., St. Anthony
Dominique Jones, Storyteller, Saint Paul
Don House, Musician, Minneapolis
Donte Collins , Poet, Saint Paul
Dorian Collins, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Douglas Thoms, Visual, Minneapolis
Douglas (D. E.) Green, Poet/Writer, Northfield
Dr. Kat Parent , artist, Saint Paul
Drew Arrieta, Visual artist, Saint Paul
Drew Maude-Griffin, Visual artist and curator, Minneapolis
Drew d’Lakes, Musician, Minneapolis
Drew Peterson, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Drew Christopherson, Musician, Minneapolis / Menomonie
Drey Kereakos, musician, Minneapolis
Dusty Keliin, Painter, Superior
Dylan Ritchie, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Dylan Martin, Theatre technician, Saint Paul
E Kowler, dancer + futirist, Minneapolis
E. Thies, Musician, Minneapolis
E. Fritts, Multi-Disciplinary Artist, Saint Paul
E.J Schoenborn, Poet & Puzzle Designer, Roseville
Eamonn McLain , Musician, Minneapolis
Echo Scammahorn, Photographer, Minneapolis
Echo Olsen, Visual Mixed Media, Minneapolis
Eddi Lopez, Musician, Saint Paul
Eden Neitge, Visual, Golden valley
Eiko Mizushima, Fiber and arboreal artist, Minneapolis
El Starcher, Animator, Minneapolis
Elaine Rutherford, Visual, Minneapolis
Elayna Waxse, Choreographer, Saint Paul
Elbeenye The great, Producer, Minneapolis
Eldri Snow, Songwriter, musician, Duluth
Elea Anderson, Visual, Duluth
Eleanor Giese, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Eleanor Grant, Singer/songwriter, Saint Paul
Eleanor Struewing , Ms., Minneapolis
Elena Bittner, Musician, Minneapolis
Eleni Sophocleus, visual artist & painter, Minneapolis
Elfina Duopu, writer, creative, Minneapolis
Eliana Meyerowitz, Theatre maker, Richfield
Elijah (Peggy) Taylor, Animator, Designer, Artist, Minneapolis
Elise Gersky, Painter, Northfield
Elise Dunne, Dancer, Saint Paul
Eliza Unger, Painter, Minneapolis
Elizabeth Brown, Fiber artist, Fountain City, WI
Elizabeth Ellis, Visual artist, musician, Minneapolis
Elizabeth Vierkant, Fiber artist, writer, Detroit Lakes
Elizabeth Coleman, Artist and Writer, Saint Paul
Elizabeth Hickman Pine, Visual Artist and Educator, Minneapolis
Elizabeth Kielkucki, Visual/textile artist, Minneapolis
Elizabeth Gade , Poet, Ely, MN
Elizabeth MacNally , artists, Minneapolis
Elizabeth Tannen , writer, Minneapolis
Ella Middleton, Poet, visual artist, Saint Paul
Ella Hanlon, Visual artist, Moorhead
Ella Moomey, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Ella Kozak, Actor/Singer, Saint Paul
Ella Smith, Graphic designer, Minneapolis
Elle Thoni, Playwright, Minneapolis
Ellen Mueller, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Ellen Hinchcliffe, Poet & Curator, Minneapolis
Ellen Vaagen, Chef, Duluth
Ellie B, Photographer, Minneapolis
Ellina Kevorkian, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Elliot Alves, Songwriter, Duluth
Ellis MacMillan, Printmaker, Minneapolis
Ellis Roux, Drag/multimedia, Duluth
Ellis Holt, Lyricist, Minneapolis
Eloïse Boigenzahn, Musician, Minneapolis
Elsa Persson, Actor and singer, Duluth
Elysabeth Page, Poet and visual, Saint Paul
Elyse Lodermeier, Visual, Minneapolis
Em K, Visual artist (printmaker/painter), Minneapolis
Emanuel Eisele, Musician, Duluth
Emanuell Williams, Recording artist, Saint Paul
Emerald Iris, Musician and visual artist, Minneapolis
Emilee Lund, Fine arts illustrator, Saint Paul
Emily Gastineau, choreographer and writer, Minneapolis
Emily Kastrul, musician, Minneapolis
Emily Gunyou Halaas, Actor, Saint Paul
Emily Wick, Weaver and writer, Grand Marais
Emily Quandahl, Visual, Minneapolis
Emily Comnick, Visual Artist, Duluth
Emily Aarsvold, Designer, visual artist, Duluth
Emily Bergslien, Author, Saint Paul
Emily Landberg, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Emily Grodzik, Actor, Minneapolis
Emily Yoki, Florist, Duluth
Emily Pilz, Visual, Duluth
Emily Schoonover, Musician, Minneapolis
Emily Boyajian, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Emily Meister, jewelry, Minneapolis
Emily Zimmer, performing artist, Minneapolis
Emily Hensley, Actor, Saint Paul
Emily Spearman, Visual, Duluth
Emily Wangberg, Musician, visual, Saint Paul
Emily Strasser, Writer, Minneapolis
Emily Bierbrauer, Interdisciplinary, Saint Paul
Emily Cashel, Visual and musical art, Minneapolis
Emily Peck, songwriter, Minneapolis
Emily Inserra, poet, musician, Minneapolis
Emily Koljonen, Fine Art Photographer, Moorhead
Emjoy Gavino, Actor, Minneapolis
Emma Marlar, dancer, Minneapolis
Emma Beatrez, Visual, Minneapolis
Emma Deaner, Musician, Duluth
Emma Rothwell, Musician, Minneapolis
Emma McKhann, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Emma Eubanks, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Emma Busch, theatre artist, Minneapolis
Emma Welter, multimedia, Minneapolis
Emma Smith, Visual, Rochester
Emma Wasko, Musician, Burnsville
Emmett Ramstad, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Emryk Anselm, Visual, Minneapolis
Enyo Farabi, Multi media artist, Minneapolis
Ephraim Eusebio, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Eric Bong, Musician, Duluth
Eric Larson, Theatre director, Minneapolis
Eric Cyr, Songwriter, Duluth
Eric Moen, Musician, Minneapolis
Erica Ticknor, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Erica Jo Vibar Sherwood, dance and music artist, Saint Paul
erick boustead, video artist, Minneapolis
Erik Mueller, Visual, Minneapolis
Erika Peterson, Jewelery designer, Ely
Erika Terwilliger, Sculptor, Minneapolis
Erika Frikken, Creator, Elbow Lake
Erika Martin, Choreographer, Minneapolis
Erin Peña, Beadwork, Minneapolis
Erin Sharkey, Writer, Minneapolis
Erin Minor, Songwriter and visual artist, Eden Prairie
Erin Paradis, Visual, Richfield
Erin Sandsmark, Painter, Minneapolis
Erin Maurelli, Visual Artist, Roseville
Erin Capello, Actor, Minneapolis
Erin Mackaman, Multi-disciplinary, Minneapolis
Erin Duininck, Gallery Curator and Songwriter, Excelsior
Erin Spry, Fabric artist, Saint Paul
Erin Schwagerl, Visual, Northfield
Erin Gustafson, Theater Technician, Minneapolis
Erin Lavelle, Visual & social practice artist, Minneapolis
Ernest Briggs, Director, Minneapolis
Errol Culbert, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Estelle Tronson, Visual artist, St Louis Park
Esther Ouray , Theater artist and educator, Minneapolis
Ethan Thomas, Songwriter, Shoreview
Ethan Caviness, Musician/Songwriter/Poet/Photographer, Minneapolis
Étienne Magdalen, visual artist, Minneapolis
Eva Margolis, Poet, Saint Paul
Eva Tamez, visual, New Hope
Eva Adderley, Puppeteer and playwright, Minneapolis
Evan Kartenson, Musician, Moorhead, MN
Evan Flom, Filmmaker and photographer, Duluth
Evelyn Baxton, Photographer, Saint Paul
Ezra David Mattes , artist and writer, Minneapolis
F Cooper, Theater Artist, Minneapolis
Faith Boblett, Singer-Songwriter, Minneapolis
Fernando Lopez, Fine arts, Saint Paul
Fiona McColl, Textile, Winona
Fletcher Wolfe, Puppeteer, Minneapolis
FLOWTUS BAND, Music Group, Minneapolis
Forest Ferkinhoff, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Forrest Hormann, Mixed Media Visual Artist, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Saint Paul
Franci Haeg, visual, Minneapolis
Francine Conley, Multimedia, Minneapolis
Francisco Becerra-Lanza, Mix media, Minneapolis
Frank Steinhauer, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Frankie Pemberton, Cartoonist and sculptor, Minneapolis
Franklin Doane-Arkulary, Composer, Duluth
Fred Eclipse, Poet, Minneapolis
Fredrick (Rojohasu) Emdin, Rapper, poet, visual artist, and producer, Minneapolis
G Giguere, Visual artist, Rochester
G. Picconatto, Poet, Minneapolis
Gabby Vanden Avond, Writer, Minneapolis
Gabe McHenry, Interdisciplinary Artist, Printmaker, Minneapolis
Gabriel Hellenbrand, Visual, event production, creative marketing, Minneapolis
Gabrielle Ripley, Multi medium painter, tattoo artist, Saint Paul
Gaelle Berg , Artist and teacher, Minneapolis
Gale St. Rose, Photographer, Duluth
Garret Nasset, Songwriter, Saint Paul
Gavin Orson, Songwriter, Duluth
Gavin Williams, Singer, Minneapolis
Genevieve Muench, dancer, choreographer, Minneapolis
Geoffrey Laamar Wilson, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Georgio Jones, Music, Minneapolis
Gethsemane Herron-Coward, Playwright, Minneapolis
Getting By, Music group, Minneapolis
Gil Olivas-Etherington, tattooer, Minneapolis
Gillian Mueller, Theatre artist, Richfield
Gina Gaetz, Painter, Minneapolis
Gina Thayer, Writer, Minneapolis
Gina Powell, Visual Artist, Shevlin
Ginger Dallin, Theatre Artist & Arts Administrator, Duluth
Gisell Calderon , Cinematographer, Minneapolis
Glam Toyota, Musician, Minneapolis
Gloria Amaya, Writer, healer, Minneapolis
Glory Yard, Musician(drummer), Minneapolis
Grace Niskanen, Visual, Minneapolis
Grace Miller, Visual, Minneapolis
Grace Hillmyer, Actor, Minneapolis
gracie moran, visual, Minneapolis
Graham Tolbert, Photographer and visual artist, Saint Paul
Graham Findell, Musician, Clearwater/Minneapolis
Graham Harrison, Writer, Minneapolis
Graham Taylor , Musician, Minneapolis
Grant Abens, Songwriter, Duluth
Gravey Graves, Musician/Archivist/Promoter, Minneapolis
Griffen Desai, Guitarist, Minneapolis
H MacKenzie, Weaver, Minneapolis
Hadiya Iqbal, N/A, Jasper
Hailee Salander, Visual, Saint Paul
Hailey Jacobsen, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Hailey Ross, Visual, Duluth
Hajaratu Jaafaru, Model, Poet, Community Organizer, North Saint Paul
Hal Sansone, Poet and theatre artist, Minneapolis
Halee Kirkwood, Poet, Minneapolis
Haley Johnson, Visual, Minneapolis
Haley Appel, Mixed media, Winona
Halie Ostberg, Visual, Minneapolis
Halle Fodness, Film/Media Artist, Minneapolis
Halle Jo Olsen, I am A multimedia artists with focuses on fiber arts, Coon rapids
Hallux , Politically charged Punk Band, Minneapolis
Hana Mahli, Musician, Saint Paul
Hana Bibliowicz , Sculptor, Saint Paul
Hani Jama, Writer, Minneapolis
Hannah Mahr, Performing artist, Saint Paul
Hannah Garrett, Writer, Crookston
Hannah Cook, Mixed-media / poet, Moorhead, MN
Hannah Smith, Northern Woodlands, Duluth
Hannah Novillo Erickson, Multidisciplinary, Minneapolis
Hannah Dunda, Musician, Duluth
Hannah Dinnis, Creative visual art, Minneapolis
Hannah Perez, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Hannah Allen, Cook, Duluth
Hannah Boehme, Illustrator, Saint Paul
Hannah Prichard, Ceramic Artist, Saint Paul
Hannah Albert, Jewlery creator & Performance art, Duluth
Hannah Ricard, songwriter, music therapist, musician, Minneapolis
Hannah Hebl , Musician, Minneapolis
Hannah Rae Butala, Interdisciplinary visual artist, Minneapolis
Harrison McCormick, Filmmaker, Winona
Haven Brunes, Songwriter, Baxter
Hawwa Youngmark, Cartoonist, Comic Artist, Minneapolis
Hawwaa Ibrahim, Fashion Designer, Minneapolis
hc lou, visual, tattoo, poet, Saint Paul
Heather Annis, Dancer and embroidery artist, Minneapolis
Heather Hinrichsen, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Heather Donohue, Textile + mixed media, Minneapolis
Heid E. Erdrich, Poet and Interdisciplinary, Minneapolis
Heidi Freeberg, visual, Lakeville
Heidi Derner, Visual, Chaska
Helen Maclay, Visual multimedia, Saint Paul
Helen Forsythe, musician, Northfield
Henning Hanson, Musician, Minneapolis
Henry Hughes, Musician, Minneapolis
Henry Bernhardt, Musician, Minneapolis
Henry Guth, Musician, Minneapolis
Henry Kneiszel, Writer, visual artist, Duluth
Hibah Hassan, singer/songwriter, Prior Lake
Hien Tran, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Hilary Greenstein, Painter, Minneapolis
Hilary James, Musician/songwriter, Minneapolis
Hina Sasaki, Dance artist, Minneapolis
Holly Tuhake, Music producer, Minneapolis
Homer Maltby, Animator, Minneapolis
Hope Savaria, Visual, Saint Paul
Hunter Bartlett, Visual, Minneapolis
Ian Weier, Musician, Minneapolis
Ian Landberg, Visual, Fergus Falls
Ian Erickson, Musician, visual artist, Duluth
Ian Scheele, Sculptor, Moorhead
Icarus Xanadu, musician and writer, Bloomington
Ilse Johnson, Writer/filmmaker, Minneapolis
Ina A, Multidisciplinary artist, tattoo artist, Minneapolis
India Johnson, Book & textile artist, Minneapolis
Iris Brantseg, Actor, Minneapolis
Isa Estrada, Oil Painter, Minneapolis
Isa Gagarin, Visual artist, educator, Minneapolis
isabel fajardo, artist, Minneapolis
Isabel Nelson, Theater artist, Saint Paul
Isabel Aylin, Visual, Moorhead
Isabel Estelle, Playwright, Minneapolis
Isabel Lewis, Painter, Minneapolis
Isabel Betsill, Painter, Minneapolis
Isabela Escalona, Filmmaker and writer, Minneapolis
Isabella Pizano, Nail artist, Minneapolis
Isabella Matejka, Visual, Rogers
Isabella Bermz, Graphic Designer, Duluth
Isabella Asiimwe, Architect and Visual Artist, Kampala
Isabella Gorg, Songwriter/ Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Ivy Wish-Werven, Drawist, Minneapolis
Ivy Sendrijas, Visual Artist, Saint Paul
Ivy Diep, Visual, Minneapolis
Izzie P, Dj, Saint Paul
Izzy Shinn, Visual, Minneapolis
Izzy Leto, Visual artist, Minneapolis
J Osaki, Artist, Minneapolis
J Nguyen, diasporartist, Minneapolis
J June, poet, Minneapolis
J-Mo On The Beat, Singer-Songwriter, Saint Paul
J. Bailey Hutchinson, Poet, Minneapolis
Jaboidia McIntyre, Visual, Minneapolis
Jäc Miller, Theatre artist, Minneapolis
Jac Bear Nelson, poet, Minneapolis
Jack Meeker, Visual, Minneapolis
Jack Drummond, painter, Minneapolis
Jack Pfeffer, Musician, Minneapolis
Jack Madson, Musician, Minneapolis
Jackson Engstrom, Musician, Duluth
Jackson Frey, Writer, sketch artist, Apple Valley
Jacob Chacko, Musician, Minneapolis
Jacob Yeates, Visual Artist and Educator, Minneapolis
Jacob Mahon, Songwriter, Duluth
Jacob Latouche, Photographer, Minneapolis
Jacob Mullis, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Jada Brown, Musician, Minneapolis
Jada Vogt, Visual, Minneapolis
Jade Johnson, Poet and visual artist, Saint Paul
Jade Juno, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Jade Hein, Sculptor, Minneapolis
Jade Donnelly, Sequential Artist, Minneapolis
Jae Shin Cross, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Jae Graham, Musician, Minneapolis
Jaedyn James, Singer, Songwriter, Bandleader, Producer, Minneapolis
Jagoda Swallop, Comic Artist, Minneapolis
Jaida Crowson, poet / painter, Duluth
Jaime Jepsen, independent artist, Saint Paul
Jaime Lehmann, Painter, Minneapolis
Jake Frazier, Musician, Saint Paul
Jake Speikers, singer and songwriter, Minneapolis
Jake Abel, Musician, Minneapolis
Jake Gau, Musician, Minneapolis
Jake Rudegeair, Illustrator, Minneapolis
James Lewis, Musician and Teacher, Minneapolis
James Flanders, Musician/mixed media visual artist, Minneapolis
James Nins, Visual, Saint Paul
Jameson Cochrane, Illustrator, printmaker, Minneapolis
Jamie Kubat, weaver and printmaker, Minneapolis
Jamie Crouch, musician & writer, Duluth
Jamie Ryan-Karels, Dance artist, Minneapolis
Jamie Kraft, Dancer, St. Louis Park
Janani Logendran, Musician/songwriter, Minneapolis
Jane Nicolo, Visual artist, Saint Paul
Jane Borstad, Visual artist, arts administrator, Minneapolis
Jane Peña, Theater Artist, Saint Paul
Jane Lundeen, Bead embroidery, Minneapolis
Jane & Andy Shannon, Printmaker, illustrator and shopkeepers, Minneapolis
Janel Allen, Tattoo artist, Minneapolis
Janes Bittancourt, Musician/Artist, Minneapolis
Janet Eckles, Photographer and filmmaker, Fairmont
Janet Kolterman, Musician, Minneapolis
Jared Hemming, Make art, Minneapolis
Jared Leger, Musician, Saint Paul
Jarek Pastor, Theatremaker, Minneapolis
Jarod Schiebout, Musician, Minneapolis
Jason Walstrom, Painter and Tattooer, Minneapolis
Jason Nawrocki, Printmaker, Fridley
Jason Millard, Musician, Minneapolis
Jasper Vanyo, Dancer, Singer, actor, Prior Lake
Jasper Brennand, Painter, Pequot Lakes
Javier Tamay, Songwriter, Saint Paul
Jay Eisenberg, Actor, Teaching Artist, Co-Artistic Director of WeAreMarried, Minneapolis
Jayanthi Kyle, Teaching Musician, Minneapolis
Jayde Alberda, Visual and performance, Minneapolis
Jayden Tummel-Baumler, Journalist, Winona
Jean LeMay, visual artist, Saint Paul
Jeanine Malec, Folk artist, White Bear
Jemma Provance, visual artist, Duluth
Jen Ng, Visual artist, Brooklyn
Jenan Jacobson, Actor, Minneapolis
Jenessa LaSota, hairstylist, musician, Minneapolis
Jeney Christensen, Baker & Cake Artist, Fergus Falls
Jenn Angell, Visual, Saint Paul
Jenna Richardson, Painter, Minneapolis
Jenna Houser, Musician, Eveleth
Jenna Poff, Photographer, Minneapolis
Jenna Whiting, Visual, Rochester
Jenna Pauline Christian, Visual artist, Moorhead
Jennifer Pennington, Photography, Saint Paul
Jennifer Kroll, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Jennifer Krussow, Musician, Duluth
Jennifer Moss, Visual and Digital Artist, Minneapolis
Jennifer Nevitt, Painter, Minneapolis
Jennifer Larson, sticker artist, Saint Paul
Jennifer Universe, Writer and painter, Minneapolis
Jennifer Manthey, Writer, Minneapolis
Jennifer Bowen , Writer, Artistic Director, Saint Paul
Jenny McDougal, Poet, Saint Paul
jeremy messersmith, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Jeremiah Satterthwaite , Musician/Educator, Minneapolis
Jeremy Warden, Musician, Saint Paul
Jes Reyes, Visual, Saint Paul
Jess Hirsch, Visual, Minneapolis
Jess Torgerson, Visual Artist, Fergus Falls
Jess Langer, Creative, Duluth
Jess Morgan, Poet, photographer and musician, Duluth
Jesse Baker, Musician, Saint Paul
Jesse Belinsky , artist, Minneapolis
Jessi Salvatierra, Fiber artist, Saint Paul
Jessica Kitzman, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Jessica Brown, Visual artist/ poet, Minneapolis
Jessica Buns, Electronic musician, Minneapolis
Jessica Bailey, Tattooer, Minneapolis
Jessie Patterson, Multi-media artist, Minneapolis
Jesus Li, Designer, Minneapolis
Jezebel Jones, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Jillian Rae, Singer, songwriter, performer, Minneapolis
Jillissa Reuteler, Painter, mixed media artist, Winona
Jim Bour, Poet, Writer, Saint Paul
Jo Garrison, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Jo Kellen, Musician, Minneapolis
Joan Garvie, Painter, South Saint Paul
Joan Vorderbruggen, Community Artist, Minneapolis
Joanna Lees, Choreographer and Dance Artist, Minneapolis
Jobi Adams, Songwriter at Pine & Fire, Minneapolis
Jocelyn Garrett, Dancer, Minneapolis
Joe Forest, Musician, Minneapolis
Joe Svihel, Dancer/Choreographer, Mankato
Joel Beazer, Rapper, Brooklyn park
Joelle Johnson, visual, Minneapolis
Joelle Nelson, illustrator, Minneapolis
Joey Phillips, Musician, Minneapolis
Johanna Keller Flores, Playwright and theater artist, Saint Paul
John Marks, Sound Artist, Minneapolis
John Patterson, Theatre Artist, Minneapolis
John Bell, Visual Artist, Saint Paul
John Munson, DJ/Producer, Minneapolis
Johnny Nguyen, Director, Saint Paul
Jon Edwards, Songwriter, Duluth
Jonah Lyddon Hatten, Musician, Minneapolis
Jonah Castañeda Barry, Filmmaker, photographer, sound designer, Minneapolis
Jonah Esty, Guitarist, Minneapolis
Jonas Specktor, poet, visual artist, Minneapolis
Jonathan Waldo, Musician, Saint Paul
Jonathan Kramer, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Jones Liddell, Interdisciplinary artist, Minneapolis
Joni Griffith, Musician and Performer, Minneapolis
Jonii Vermeersch, Musician/YouTuber, Shoreview
JONNIE DIAZ, Visual artist, poet, Minneapolis
Jordan Quirt, Jeweler, Minneapolis
Jordan Koch, Visual, Minneapolis
Jordan Leeper, Filmmaker, Minneapolis
jordan powell karis, sculptor, Minneapolis
Jordan Hamilton, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Jordan Lee Thompson, Media Artist, Minneapolis
Jordy Vaughn, Singer & Songwriter, Minneapolis
Jorge Martinez, Musician, Saint Paul
Jorie Kosel, Performing and Visual (textiles), Minneapolis
José Felipe Ozuna, Poet, Minneapolis
José Luis, Dance, Minneapolis
Joseph Barron, Twin Cities based bass player, Saint Paul
Joseph Hays, Musician, Minneapolis
Joseph Anderson, Musician, Duluth
Joseph Tran, Dancer, Saint Paul
Josephine Hoffman, Mixed media visual and movement artist, Minneapolis
Josh Wojnar, Visual, Minneapolis
Josh Butter, Musician, Minneapolis
Joshua Holmgren, Musician, Saint Paul
Joshua MacGregor, drummer, songwriter, Saint Paul
Joshua Elavsky, Musician, Minneapolis
Joshua McKay , Musician/Scientist, Burnsville
Josie Foreman, Painter, Minneapolis
Josie Fobbe, Visual, Duluth
Josie Hegarty, poet, Minneapolis
Josie Langhorst, singer/songwriter, Duluth
Josie Taylor, Cosmetic tattoo artist, Minneapolis
Josina Manu Maltzman, Writer, Minneapolis
Joy Davis Ripley, Multidisciplinary Artist, Winona
Joy Spika, Visual, Minneapolis
Joy Kratzer , Ms., Minneapolis
Judas Fayd’herbe, mixed media, painter, Minneapolis
Jude Van Zee, Visual artist and illustrator, Minneapolis
Judith Bailey, singer, Duluth
Julia Garcia, Visual, Minneapolis
Julia Eubanks, songwriter, creeping charlie, Minneapolis
Julia Line, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Julia LaMone, Illustrator, Minneapolis
julia Donner, Painter, Eden Prairie
Julia Wettschreck, musician, Saint Paul
Julia Milne, Theatre Artist, Apple Valley
Julia Curry, Animator, Minneapolis
Juliana Ferguson, Fiber artist, Minneapolis
Julie Van Grol, Illustrator and Motion Designer, Minneapolis
Julie Comine, poet, Saint Paul
Julie Boada, Visual, Minneapolis
Juliet Farmer, Photographer, Minneapolis
Juliet Patterson, Writer, Minneapolis
Juliet Irving, visual, Minneapolis
Julissa Andrade, Visual Artist, Oakdale
Junauda Petrus, Writer, performance artist, Minneapolis
Junior Choir Band, Musicians, Saint Paul
Justice Jones, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Justin Sharbono, Musician, Minneapolis
Justin Silvis, Film Producer, Minneapolis
Justin Peck, Theatre Artist, Duluth
Justin Boeser, visual artist, Minneapolis
Justin Babak Hickman, Visual, Minneapolis
Justine Vu, Tattoo Artist, Saint Paul
K Ho, Writer, Minneapolis
Kaamil A. Haider, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Kade Guenther, Dancer, choreographer, and visual artist, Minneapolis
Kadi Kaelin, Photographer/Artist, Minneapolis
Kaela Schweisthal, Polymer clay artist, Minneapolis
Kai Haag, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Kai Toering, Multidisciplinary Visual Artist, Duluth
Kaia Preus , Writer, Minneapolis
Kaija Tan, Multidisciplinary, Coon Rapids
Kaily McKee, Mixed Media Artist, Minneapolis
Kailyn Grider, musician, Minneapolis
Kaitlin Celenza, Illustration, Saint Paul
Kajsa Jones—Higgins, Theater Director and administrator, Saint Paul
Kalen Keir, Performing, Minneapolis
Kamila Gutierrez, Poet, Saint Paul
Kandace Creel Falcón, visual artist and writer, Erhard
Kara Olson, poet, Minneapolis
Kara Warren, songwriter, Duluth
Kara Hageman, Musician, Minneapolis
Karen Townsend , Bodywork artist/musician, Minneapolis
Kari Rueckert, Poet, Minneapolis
Karin Jacobs, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Karly Ohnstad, A/V, Owatonna
Karsten Mink, Songwriter/Musician, Minneapolis
Kasey Payette, Essayist, fiction writer, Minneapolis
Kasi Misseldine, Visual artist, musician, writer, Saint Paul
kat warren, textile, Minneapolis
Kat Haugan, Actor, Minneapolis
Kat Quinn, Visual artist/musician, Minneapolis
Katayoun Amjadi, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Kate Urmann, Visual, Saint Paul
Kate Malanaphy, Musician/songwriter, visual artist, Minneapolis
Kate O’Donnell, Visual, Minneapolis

Kate Linden, Writer, Minneapolis

Kate Saoirse Brock, musician, songwriter, Minneapolis

Katelyn Langwith, Arts administration, Fairmont

Kateri Krantz-Odendahl , Educator and artist, Minneapolis

Katey DeCelle, Audio producer, Saint Paul

Kath Andrews, Musician, Minneapolis

katherine robinson, Multi genre writer, Minneapolis


Katherine Shoemaker, Songwriter, Golden Valley

Katherine Powers, Photographer, Minneapolis

Katheryn Hamm, vocalist - mezzo soprano, Duluth

katheryn lochen, visual artist, Duluth

Kathleen Hays, Musician, Minneapolis

Kathryn Savage, Writer, Minneapolis

Kathryn Ganfield, Writer, Saint Paul
Kathryn Blommel, Visual, Minneapolis
Kathryn Kysar, Poet, Saint Paul
Kathryn Haddad, Playwright, Minneapolis
Kathryn Mussack, Visual, Minneapolis
Kathryne Ford, Visual artist, Duluth
Kathy McTavish, composer / media artist, Duluth
Katie Howie, Photographer. Home Stylist. Mother, Saint Paul
Katie Drahos, Musician, Minneapolis
Katie Blanchard, printmaker, illustrator, Minneapolis
Katie Fischer, Musician, Cottage Grove
Katie Wuollet, illustrator, Saint Paul
Katie Scharfe, Potter, Minneapolis
Katie Brummund, Embroiderer, Bloomington
Katie Montgomery, Visual Artist, Saint Paul
Katie Taintor, Dancer, choreographer, and teaching artist., Minneapolis
Katie Cameron, Potter, Minneapolis
Katie Miller, Writer, Minneapolis
Katrina Soholt, Actress, Minneapolis
Katy Tessman, Songwriter, Minnetonka
Katy Kelly, songwriter and vocalist, Minneapolis
Katy Hackworthy, Poet, Minneapolis
Kaycee McDonald, Visual Artist, Saint Paul
KaylaAnne Glick, Filmmaker, Minneapolis
Kaylee Matuszak, Musician, Duluth

Kealoha Ferreira, Dancer, Saint Paul
keely zynda, visual - photographer, Duluth
Keenan McIntyre, Audio Engineer, Duluth
Keep for Cheap , Band, Minneapolis
Keila Saucedo, Theatre Artist, Saint Paul
Keira McNiff, writer, Minneapolis
Kelalani Jankowski, Textile Designer, Minneapolis
Kellen Witschen, Cinematographer, Minneapolis
Kelli Nelson, Painter, Minneapolis
Kelly Brazil, Visual, Minneapolis
Kelly Wilson, Textile Artist, Minneapolis
Kelsey Dagen, Visual, Aitkin
Kelsey Lundberg, Songwriter, weaver, Bayfield
Kelsey Endres, Culinary, Minneapolis
Kelsey Reynolds, Writer, Minneapolis
Kelsey Laurel Cramer, Actor & Writer, Minneapolis
Kelsie Marie, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Kemunto Ndege, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Kendall Dickinson, visual, Saint Paul
Kendall Kramer, Dancer/choreographer, Minneapolis
Kendra Nowacki, Visual, Denver
Kendra Plant, Fiber and digital artist, Minneapolis
Kerri OHalloran, Visual Artist, Actor, Writer, Minneapolis
Kess Fennell, Visual Artist, Inver Grove Heights
Kevin Swanberg, Musician, Duluth
Kevin McClean, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Kevin Andrews, Bandleader, Minneapolis
Kevin Shannon, Bass/Baritone Singer, Eagan MN
Khalid Guled, Visual, Saint Paul
Kia Lee, Visual artist, Roseville
Kiaan Van Dusseldorp, visual, Minneapolis
Kiara Steiner, Musician, Saint Paul
Kieran Riebel, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Kieran Tverbakk, Visual, Saint Paul
Kiersten Carlson, Painter, Minneapolis
Kim Hamilton, Ceramic, Crystal
Kim Schneider, Songwriter and dancer, Saint Paul
Kim Roe , Roe Family Singers, Plymouth
Kimberly Monks, Actor, Minneapolis
Kira Vega, Visual, Saint Paul
Kira Sabin, Visual Artist, Inver Grove Heights
Kirsten Gelle, Graphic Designer, Minneapolis
Kirsten Jo Johnson, Visual artist, Northfield
Kit Harlow, Visual, Minneapolis
Kiyai Dorsey, performance artist, Saint Paul
Kprecia Ambers, Visual (digital illustrator), Minneapolis
Kris Moua, Fashion/textile, Saint Paul
Kristen Sanders, visual artist, Saint Paul
Kristen Miller, Potter, Minneapolis
Kristen Perrine, Photographer, Lakeville
Kristi Olson, Musician, Duluth
Kristian Pina, Live production, Minneapolis
Kristin Collier , Writer, Minneapolis
KT Branscom, Musician, Minneapolis
Kunta Mamboursy, Fashion designer, Minneapolis
Ky Dingman, Clothing designer/Screenprinter, Minneapolis
Ky Schmidt, Fiber artist, Minneapolis
Kyle Kimbllin, Musician, Minneapolis
Kyle Scherz, Songwriter, Duluth
kyle munshower, playwright, Minneapolis
Kyle "Guante" Tran Myhre , Artist, Minneapolis
Kylie Yncierto, Songwriter, Buffalo
kylie hoang, curator and public historian, Minneapolis
Kymani Cheatham, Visual, Saint Paul
La Vonte Thompson, Photographer, Winona
Lacey Prpic Hedtke, Photographer, Minneapolis
Laila Simon, Poet, Minneapolis
Laila Sahir, Actor/Theater Artist, Minneapolis
Lamia Abukhadra, Visual Artist, Minneapolis/Beirut
Lana Barkawi, Culture Worker, Minneapolis
Landon Conrath, Songwriter and Producer, Minneapolis
Lane Ilstrup, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Lane Miller, songwriter, musician, Minneapolis
Lara Akal, multi-hyphenate, Minneapolis
lasalle , songwriter, maple grove
LaShara Morgan, Black Lady Poet, Visual artist, Winona
Laura Jones, Visual artist and theater technician, Saint Paul
Laura Kiernan, Musician, Minneapolis
Laura Rosenstone, Dancer, Minneapolis
Laura Sellner, Musician, Duluth
Laura Hugo, Singer/Songwriter, Minneapolis
Laura Brown, printmaker and textile artist, Grand Marais
Laura Dahl, Digital Visual Artist, Plushie Artist, Shoreview
Laura Kling, zine artist and writer, Minneapolis
Laura Andrews, Painter, Minneapolis
Laura Larson, Musician and visual artist, Saint Paul
Laura Kuchar, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Maker, Minneapolis
Laura Wennstrom, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Laura Flynn, Writer, Minneapolis
Lauren Anderson, Songwriter/Musician, Minneapolis
Lauren Callis, Painter, textile, art therapist, Minneapolis
Lauren Coleman, multi-disciplinary but primarily a dancemaker, Minneapolis
Lauren Walkling, Illustrator, painter, Saint Paul
Lauren Arthur, Potter, Minneapolis
Lauren Gengler, Multidisciplinary artist, Saint Paul
Lauren Gardner, interior designer, Minneapolis
Lauren White, Multidisciplinary and arts admin, Minneapolis
Lauren Gotvald, Illustrator and Painter, Zimmerman
Lauren Starling, Muralist, painter, poet, photographer, Moorhead
Lauren Groshek, 2d/3D visual artist, zine and book maker, Minneapolis
Lauren O’Connell, Fiber Artist, Saint Paul
Lavender Jeffries, illustrator, jewelry maker, and filmmaker, Minneapolis
Lea Scott, Visual, Minneapolis
Leah Monson, Visual Artist + Musician, Minneapolis
Leah Westmoreland, Dancer, Minneapolis
Leah B, Visual, Rochester
Leah Kehr, Illustrator and Designer, Minneapolis
Leah Moss, Visual, Minneapolis
Lee Noble, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Leila Macbeth, Poet, Minneapolis
Leila Awadallah, Choreographer, Minneapolis
Lela Pierce, Visual artist and dancer, Minneapolis
Lena Pak, Visual Artist, Saint Paul
Leo Rodriguez , artist, Minneapolis
Leslie Vincent, Musician, Minneapolis
Leslie Barlow, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Leslie Wondergood, Poet & collage artist, Roseville
Leslie Perrine, Visual artist, Saint Paul
Lester Batiste, Poet, Minneapolis
Levi Moos, Visual Artist, Saint Paul
Levi Lake, Artist, Minneapolis
Levi Dhein, digital illustration and jewelrymaker, Minneapolis
Levi Weinhagen , Therapist/Artist, Minneapolis
Lexie Manley, Makeup, Minneapolis
LexX Francis, Poet/Actor, Moorhead
Leyen Trang, Visual, Minneapolis
Lia Lacina, Songwriter, musician, illustrator., Minneapolis
Liah Wright, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Lianna rosa, Printmaker, Minneapolis
Libby Herrmann, Dancer, Saint Paul
Libby Hegtvedt, Mixed media artist, Minneapolis
Lila Shull, Visual, Saint Paul
Lila Lang, Photographer, Mounds View
Lilian Nielsen, Musician, Duluth
Liliana Hallman, Fiber, Minneapolis
Lilli Sprintz, Visual, St Louis Park
Lillian Evansen, Visual, Saint Paul
Lillie Benowitz, Experience Curator & Writer, Minneapolis
Lilly Wendricks, Dancer, Minneapolis
Lilly Hood, Dancer, Minneapolis
Lily Perkins, Songwriter, musician, Minneapolis
Lily Winslow, Ceramic artist, Minneapolis
Lily Berg, Animatior, Minneapolis
Lily Lunf, Ceramicist, Buffalo
Lilyanne Wenndt, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Lin Ajdukiewicz, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Lincoln Saxton, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Lindsay Schwartz, Visual, Minneapolis
Lindsay Doyle, Visual, Minneapolis
Lindsay Smith, visual artist, Minneapolis
Lindsay Lueders, Songwriter, Eden Prairie
Lindsey Samples, Theater artist, Minneapolis
Lindsey Ries, Painter, Minneapolis
Lindsey Cherek Waller, Painter, Red Wing
Linnea McColl, Visual Artist & Designer, Winona
Lior Perlmuter, Metal artist/wearable arts sculptor, Minneapolis
Lior Hardin , artist., Saint Paul
LIPING VONG, Visual artist, designer, performer, maker, Minneapolis
Lisa Harrigan, Musician, Minneapolis
Lisa Bergh, Visual artist, New London
Lisa Wasilowski, Theater artist and jewelry maker, Minneapolis
Lisa Channer, Director, Minneapolis
Lisa Berman, Dancer, Saint Paul
Liv Hackbarth, Songwriter and poet, Minneapolis
Liv Williams, Mixed Media, Minneapolis
Liz Walker, Painter and photographer, Minneapolis
Liz Rodríguez, multi media artist, Coon rapids
Liz McAllister, visual & musical, Saint Paul
Liz Slostad, Designer, Champlin
Liz Digitale Anderson , Singing for Liberation, Minneapolis
Lizz Caicedo, Designer, Minneapolis
Lizzette Chapa, Dancer, Minneapolis
Lizzie Davis, Translator, Minneapolis
Lizzy Weekes, Multidisciplinary Artist, Rochester
Lizzy Hinman, performing arts, Minneapolis
Lloyd Hilsgen, Producer, Minneapolis
LM Brimmer , Poet & Educator, Minneapolis
Logan Reinertson, visual artist, Minneapolis
Logan Grant, Fiber Artist, Minneapolis
Louis Alemayehu, Oral & Literary Artist, Minneapolis
Love, Ulysses (Brandon Moore), Rapper, Minneapolis
Lu Chen, movement and sound artist, Saint Paul
Luc Parker, Visual and auditory artist, Minneapolis
Luca Miller, Songwriter, Visual, Minneapolis
Lucas LaFostecasse, Visual, Minneapolis
Lucas Kurmis, Writer, director, musician, Minneapolis
Lucas Rollo, Musician, Minneapolis
Lucia Vasquez, Visual Artist, Saint Paul
Luciana Stich, Performer/Theatre Artist, Minneapolis
Lucius Jemison, Rapper, Minneapolis
Lucy Soderstrom, fiber artist, Ely
Lucy Moroukian, Photographer / Filmmaker, Minneapolis
Lucy Comer, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Lucy Michelle , Musican and Artist, Saint Paul
Luke Mars, cartoonist, Minneapolis
Luke Wiebolt, Music, Minneapolis
Luke Callen, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Luma Notti, Burlesque Artist, Minneapolis
Luzia Santos Stern, visual and sound artist, Minneapolis
Ly Fastner, Painter, Minneapolis
Lydia Véjar, Dancer, Minneapolis
Lydia Kranz, Collage artist, Minneapolis
Lydia Evered, Songwriter, painter, Saint Paul
Lyla Abukhodair, Musician, Duluth
Lyla Lee, Dancer, Minneapolis
Lyla Fluck, poet, Saint Paul
Lyn Martin, Visual, poet, crafter, Saint Paul
Lynaea Russom, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Lynn Hu, Musician, Minneapolis
Lyric Raven, Songwriter & musician, Knife River
M Jamison, Audio artist, Minneapolis
Mackenzie Tucker, Transdisciplinary, Duluth
Mackenzie Branch, Resin artist, Saint Paul
Mackenzie Dargen, Visual, Duluth
Macy Ramos, Burlesque, Minneapolis
Mad Radtke, Soft sculptor, costumer, poet, Minneapolis
Madalyn Rowell, Photographer & Musician, Minneapolis
Maddie Thies, Musician, Minneapolis
Maddie Stumbaugh, painter, Minneapolis
Maddie Theisen, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Maddie BAILLIE , Maddie BAILLIE, Saint Paul
Madeeha Lamoreaux, Multidisciplinary artist, Minneapolis
Madeleine Karr, Visual, Saint Paul
Madeline Schonitzer, Writer, Winona
Madeline Baumann, Visual, Saint Paul
Madeline Thomas, Musician, Duluth
Madeline Wall, writer and theatre maker, Minneapolis
Madeline Harpell, Photographer, Minneapolis
Madelyn Pham, Songwriter/singer/musician, Minneapolis
Madge Whaley, poet, singer, artist, Saint Paul
Madi Rousseau, Animator and Illustrator, Minneapolis
Madison , Visual artist/ small business owner, Bloomington
Madison Anderson, Vocalist, Willmar
Madison K, Graphic designer, painter, Rochester
Madison Holler, Visual artist, South Haven
Madolyn Sheley, Graphic designer, Minneapolis
Mads Golitz, printmaker, Minneapolis
Mads Madsen, Writer, Minneapolis
Maeve Flagstad, Actor, Saint Paul
Maggie Fae, Visual, Duluth
Maggie Cramer, actor, Minneapolis
Maggie Dimmick, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Maggie Kamm, Fiber artist, Minneapolis
Mahelia Hunter, Dancer, Brooklyn Center
Maija Hecht, Photographer, Bagley
Maisie Sweeney, Musician, Minneapolis
Makae Brieschke, Songwriter and visual artist, Bloomington
Makenna Sullivan, Graphic Designer & Illustrator, Minneapolis
Makenzie Flom, visual, Minneapolis
Malia Bortnem, musician, Duluth
Malia Ledinsky, Visual, Shakopee
Malini Basu, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Manuel Levins Holden, Hip Hop, Minneapolis
Mar Christiano, Writer, Duluth
Mara Benowitz, Visual Artist & Writer, Minneapolis
Marc Hill, Musician, Duluth
Marcela Michelle, Transdisciplinary Artist, Minneapolis
Maren Lundgren, Music producer, writer, Saint Paul
Maren Ward, Theater Artist, zAmya Theater Project, Minneapolis
Margaret Zimmerman, Hospitality, Minneapolis
Margaret Ogas, Dance Artist and Arts Administrator, Saint Paul
Margaret Vergara, Visual, Minneapolis
Margaret Rozycki, visual, Minneapolis
Marge Fabrik, Visual/textile, Minneapolis
Marge J. Buckley, Painter and playwright, Minneapolis
Margi Grill, Painter, printer, sculptor, Saint Paul
Margot Bassett Silver, Vocalist/musician, Minneapolis
Margret Aldrich, Writer, Minneapolis
Maria Asp, Theater artist, Minneapolis
Maria Cline, Poet, textile, performance, Minneapolis
Maria Linsday, Visual, Rogers
Maria Lange, Visual, Minneapolis
Maria Isa, SotaRico, Saint Paul
Maria Castillo, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Mariah Mercedes, musician, Minneapolis
Mariah Crabb, Photographer, St. Anthony
Mariah Hutchinson, Visual Artist, Therapist, Minneapolis
Mariana Forys, Songwriter, New Brighton
Mariana Yanta, Singer, Winona
Marie Thayer, Dancer, Saint Paul
Marin Wilts, Singer-Songwriter, Shakopee
Marina Gutierrez, Multi media visual artist, Rochester
Mario Tschida, Singer/Songwriter, St. Paul / Minneapolis
Marion Gómez, Poet, Minneapolis
Marisa (Xiukuauhtli) Martinez, Visual, Saint Paul
Marisol Herling, Dancer, Minneapolis
Marissa C, Illustrator, Savage
Marja Koos, Musician and poet, Duluth
Marjorie Banker, Poet, Minneapolis
Markus Lunkenheimer, Audio/Visual, Minneapolis
Marla Klein, Photographer, Minneapolis
Marla Mullaney, visual artist, Excelsior
Mars Koehler, Visual artist and designer, Hopkins
Mars Starr, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Marsha Fisher, Musician, Saint Paul
Martha Furr, Textile, Minneapolis
Martin Ridenour, Visual artist and animator, Minneapolis
Mary Bue, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Mary LeGarde, Ojibwe textile artist, Minneapolis
Mary Scott, Musician, Minneapolis
Mary Traxler, Songwriter, musician, painter, ceramicist, Minneapolis
Mary Willmeng, Choreographer, Minneapolis
Mary Burwinkel, Ceramist, Minneapolis
Mary Barghout, Poet/visual artist, New Brighton
Mary Gavin, Writer, Saint Paul
Mary Austin Speaker , Poet and book designer, Minneapolis
Maryam Yusefzadeh, Musician, Minneapolis
Marz Kirchoff, multidisciplinary, Minneapolis
Masanari Kawahara, Performer, Butoh mover, Saint Paul
Mason Persons, Costumer, Saint Paul
Mathew Lochner, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Matt Rasmussen, Poet, Robbinsdale
Matt Wilson, Songwriter, Singer, Minneapolis
Matt Mueller, Animator & Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Matt Olson, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Matt Erickson, Metal Guitarist, Duluth
Matt Healy, Musician, Minneapolis
Matthew Gorrie, Painter, Minneapolis
Matthew Tessier, Instrumentalist, Minneapolis
Matthew Fluharty, writer, visual artist, Winona
Matthew Litfin, Photographer, Minneapolis
Matthew Finley Day, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Matthew Bindert, Visual Artist, Saint Paul
Matthew Gabrielson, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Matthew Allen, Hip Hop Artist, Lakeville
Maude Lorr, song writer, Minneapolis
Max Ridenour, Visual artist, designer, and musician, Minneapolis
Max Meier, Poet, Minneapolis
Max Pritchard, Creative writer, Minneapolis
Max Paulin, Painter, Minneapolis
Max Yeshaye Brumberg-Kraus, Poet, Playwright, Drag Performer, Saint Paul
Maxie Smith, Musician/Photographer/Writer, Minneapolis
Maxim Manzo, Animator and illustrator, Minneapolis
Maxine Britt, Fashion Designer, Minneapolis
Maxwell Collyard, Performance artist, Minneapolis
May Carter, tattoo artist, Minneapolis
May Thoma, Photographer and printmaker, Minneapolis
Maya Gonzalez, Singer/Songwriter, Minneapolis
Maya Lehmann, Musician, Minneapolis
MAYDA M, Musician, producer, Saint Paul
Mayra Gurrola Calderon, Theatrical and storyteller, Saint Paul
Mayumi Park, Designer, Minneapolis
McKay Bram, Movement Fundamentals Artist, Rochester, MN
Mckenna Gordon, Dancer, Minneapolis
Meagan Marsh Pine, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Meesun Vang, Singer, Movement artist, Performer, Minneapolis
Meg Dolan, Photographer, Curator, and Art Historian, Minneapolis
Megan Mayer, Choreographer and Dance Artist, Minneapolis
Megan Glavin, potter/multimedia, Minneapolis
Megan Kowalski, Visual, Minneapolis
Megan Fritz, songwriter, Minneapolis
Megan Mahoney, Musician, Minneapolis
Megan Njoroge, Visual artist, Rochester
Megan Perera , Musician and music educator, Saint Paul
Meghan Kreidler, Musician, Minneapolis
Meghan Johnson, Writer, Saint Paul
Meghan Hayes, Visual artist, jeweler, Burnsville
Mel Gross, Visual, Duluth
Melanie Walby, Graphic Design & Illustration, Minneapolis
Mélina Mangal, Writer, Saint Paul
Melissa Weisser, Painter, business owner, Duluth
Melissa Nyberg, Visual Artist, Saint Paul
Melissa Wray, Poet & Textile Artist, Caledonia
Melissa Lage, Graphic Designer, Minneapolis
Melissa Peirson, Poet, Duluth
Melissa Amundsen, Art Conservator, Minneapolis
Melissa McElin, Printmaker, Stillwater
Melody Kosbab, Multi Media, Minneapolis
Melody Heide, Writer (Poet, Essayist, and Novelist), Minneapolis
Mercutio Mori, Visual and textile artist, Minneapolis
Mercy Oyadare, Visual, Saint Louis Park
Merick Reed, sculptor, photographer, Saint Paul
Merideth Jolstad, Musician, Minneapolis
Merit Thursday, Animator, Minneapolis
Merle Geode, multidisciplinary artist, poet, writer, Saint Paul
merriam b, photographer and painter, Saint Paul
Mia Finnamore, Visual, Minneapolis
Mia Kelly (Baby Skullcrusher), Visual artist, Saint Paul
Mia Miller, Dancer, Minneapolis
Mia Pfeffer, Dancer, Minneapolis
Michael Torres, Writer, Mankato
Michael Bazzett, poet, Minneapolis
Michael Noyce, Musician, Minneapolis
Michael Moores, Visual, Duluth
Michael Marrujo, Singer-songwriter and music producer, Minneapolis
Michael Voller, songwriter, Minneapolis
Michael Curran, writer and curator, Minneapolis
Michael Kleis, Poet, Musician, Minneapolis
Michael Beatrez, Songwriter, Saint Paul
Michael Kleber-Diggs , Poet, Saint Paul
Michael Vasich , Music Director, First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, MN, Minneapolis
Michaela Rai, Embodiment and Documentary Photographer, Duluth
Michaela Chorn, Painter, ceramicist, curator, Minneapolis
Michaela Allen, Singer songwriter, painter, jewelry maker, Minneapolis
Michaela Stein, Musician, Minneapolis
Michaela E Munda, visual mixed media and jeweler., Saint Paul
Michah McKinney, Visual, Minneapolis
Michelle Ndely, DJ, Healer, Curator, Minneapolis
Michelle Bennett, Photographer, Minneapolis
Michelle Brost, Animation Artist, Minneapolis
Michelle Zamanian, Writer, Saint Paul
Michelle Baroody, Curator, Saint Paul
Mick Alvarez Flores, Painter & designer, Minneapolis
Mickey Garbow, comics, Minneapolis
Miguel Vargas, DJ /Media Producer, Saint Paul
mikayla vavreck-sindt, visual artist, Minneapolis
Mikayla Ennevor, Ceramic artist, Minneapolis
Mike Alberti, Writer, Minneapolis
Mike Massey, Musician and writer, Minneapolis
Mike Lee, Singer/songwriter, Minneapolis
Mike Hoyt, Community-Engaged/Multidisciplinary, Minneapolis
Mike Rollin, Poet, Minneapolis
Mikey Marget, Musician, Minneapolis
Miles Morkri, Composer, Minneapolis
miles gruba, visual, Minneapolis
Milo Sachse-Hofheimer, Performance Artist, Minneapolis
Miranda H-Crawford, Poet, visual, audio., Minneapolis
Miri Karraker, poet, musician, Minneapolis
Miriam Khanan Kelberg, Jewish craftswork, Minneapolis
Miska Abdel-Magid, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Mitchell Nelson, Musician, Minneapolis
Mizna Staff, Multidisciplinary arts organization, Saint Paul
MK Tuomanen, Playwright, Minneapolis
Moheb Soliman, poet, Minneapolis
Moira Villiard, public artist and visual artist, Duluth
Mollie Lacy , Poet, Minneapolis
Molly Brown, Visual, Winona
Molly Brandt, Singer songwriter, Saint Paul
Molly Poganski, Printmaker, Minneapolis
Molly Johnston, Dancer, Battle Lake
Molly Mortimer, Graphic designer/illustrator, Minneapolis
Molly Turchi, Painter, Duluth
Molly Sutton Kiefer, poet & essayist, Frontenac, MN
Monica Slade, Dancer, Minneapolis
Moqui Joy, Visual artist and musician, Minneapolis
Morgan Lust, Photographer, Minneapolis
Morgan Moen, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Morgan Rainford, Theatre Artisan, Edina
Morgan Kavanagh, Fiber artist, Minneapolis
Morgen Chang, Theater Artist, Minneapolis
Moriah Skye, Songwriter, Duluth
moriah shumpert, visual artist, Minneapolis
Muhammad Al-Homoud, Visual, Saint Paul
Musea Broberg, Tattoo Artist, Superior
Mya Lysne, songwriter/performer, Moorhead
Mya Austin, Painter, Minneapolis
Mychal Fisher, Musician, Saint Paul
Myles Ross, Visual artist (Photographer), Minneapolis
Nadia Durow, Visual and Mixed Media artist, Maple Grove
Nadirah McGill , Drummer of Gully Boys, Minneapolis
Nahid Khan, writer, Brooklyn Center
Nailah Taman, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Nakita Kirchner, Dancer, Saint Paul
Nancy Valentine, Visual Artist, Fergus Falls
Nanne Sorvold, Visual, Minneapolis
Nansi Brown, Painter, Minneapolis
Naoto Lichtblau-tepley, Multimedia artist, Minneapolis
Nasim Tajik, Multi media visual artist, jewelry creator, Minneapolis
Nasreen Sajady, Culture organizer, Minneapolis
Nat El-Hai, writer, Minneapolis
Nat Ricciardi, Printmaker, Minneapolis
Natalie Stamatopoulos, Poet, Minneapolis
Natalie Ollila, Photographer, Minneapolis
Natalie Kogan-White, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Natalie Hudoba, Visual media, Roseville
Natalie Roark, Mixed media, Minneapolis
Natasha Singh, Theater, Chaska
Nate LeBrun, Musician, Minneapolis
Nathan Johnston, Musician and videographer, Minneapolis
Nathan Searls, Theater Maker, Woodbury
Nathan Hanson, Musical artist, Saint Paul
Nathan Johnson, Songwriter + Producer, Saint Paul
Nathaniel Walker, Live musician, Minneapolis
Nazara Summers, Visual, Saint Paul
Neil Kapphahn, Musician, Minneapolis
Neil Standerwick, Graphic Designer, Minneapolis
Nell Pierce , Artist, Minneapolis
Nen Ramirez, poet and multidisciplinary artist, Saint Paul
Nex Sundstrom, Drummer, Roseville
Ngan Huynh, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Nic Holleschau, Digital Artists, Saint Paul
Nicholas Camobell, Painter, Minneapolis
Nicholas Christenson, musician, Minneapolis
Nick Elstad, Musician, Minneapolis
Nick Jensen, Musician, Minneapolis
Nick Noethe, Visual artist and Musician, Minneapolis
Nick Baker, Musician, Minneapolis
Nick Lundeen, Jewelry designer, Minneapolis
Nick Khow, Graphic Designer, Saint Paul
Nicky Steidel, Musician, Minneapolis
Nico Carpenter , Artist/Arts Administrator, Minneapolis
Nicole Stumpf, Dancer, Eden Prairie
Nicole Hentges, Ceramic artist, Medina, MN
Nicole Sara Simpkins, visual artist, Minneapolis
Nigel Parry, Songwriter, Saint Paul
Nik Eskola, Musician, Minneapolis
Nikki Norberg, Potter, Minneapolis
Nikki Lewis, Poet and Visual Artist, Saint Paul
Nina Karachunski, Textile artist, Minneapolis
Nina Crittenden, illustrator, Wayzata
Noa Rickey, visual, Saint Paul
Noah Ophoven-Baldwin, sound art, Minneapolis
Noah Kline, Musician, Minneapolis
Noah Liljedahl, Visual, Minneapolis
Noah Lawrence-Holder, Visual, Minneapolis
Noah Topliff, Musician, Saint Paul
Noel Mick, Oddity Artist, Burnsville
Noelle Awadallah, Dancer and choreographer, Minneapolis
Nolan Morice, Filmmaker, Minneapolis
Nolan Manz, Poet and novelist, Saint Paul
Noorah Bawazir, Photographer, Minneapolis
Norah Mulrine, Visual, Winona
Nyssa Krause, Musician, Minneapolis
Odie Spinelli, Writer, Minneapolis
Olivia Warpula, Songwriter, poet, painter, Duluth
Olivia Kemp, Actor, Minneapolis
Olivia Nyman, Theater artist, Minneapolis
Olivia Jenkins, Visual, Minneapolis
Olivia Gallenberger, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Olivia Anizor, graphic designer, Saint Paul
Olivia Bonshire, musican and mixed media artist, Minneapolis
Olivia McGrath, Songwriter under the name second spring, Minneapolis
Olivia Fantini, Fiction writer, Minneapolis
Olivia Wilson, photographer, dancer, poet, Minneapolis
Olivia Marty, Writer, Saint Paul
Olivia Randgaard, Visual, Minneapolis
Olivia Levins Holden , Artist, Minneapolis
Olivia Seone Stern, Visual illustrator, animator, Minneapolis
Olli Johnson, Textile and puppetry artist, Minneapolis
Omï Winkelman, Model, poet, Bemidji
Ophelia Nelsen, Songwriter/musician, Minneapolis
Or (Laura) Levinson, Dancer & choreographer, Minneapolis
Orren Fen, Puppeteer, Minneapolis
Otis Roffman, Writer, Minneapolis
Owen Marciano, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Owen Dennehy, Songwy, Minneapolis
Owen Radke, Photographer, Minneapolis
Paige de Wees, writer, Saint Paul
Paige Bersuch, Costumer and dancer, Minneapolis
Paige Busby, Visual, Saint Paul
Pallav Kumar, digital media, sculpture, Minneapolis
Parisha Rajbhandari, Dance, Minnesota
Parker Ruedy, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Pat Dougherty, artist/musician, Saint Paul
Pat Scott-Walsh, Musician/Writer, Minneapolis
Patrick Larkin, Musician, Minneapolis
Patrick Werle , Poet/Musician/Educator/Builder, Minneapolis
Patti Kameya, writer, Saint Paul
Paul Cerar, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Paul LaNave, Theatre Artist, Minneapolis
Paul Kruse, playwright, Minneapolis
Paul McCoyer, Drummer, Minneapolis
Paula Cisewski , Poet/educator, Minneapolis
Pauline Moll , Teaching Artist, Minneapolis
Pawan Sharma, Visual Media Artist, Minneapolis
Pearl Elliott, imrpov performer and data storytelling, Duluth
Pearl Grey, Burlesque dancer, Saint Paul
Pedra Pepa, Performance artist, Minneapolis
Perry Andrews, Visual artist, Duluth
Pete Driessen, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Pete Gierzynski , Blacksmith, Minneapolis
Peter Sieve, Guitarist and publisher, Minneapolis
Peter Morrow, Composer, Sound and Projection designer, Minneapolis
Peter Samuelson, Juggler/magician/slam dunk champion, Minneapolis
Peter Ownbey, Visual, Afton
Peter Miller , Musician/ Educator, Minneapolis
Petra Lee, Visual Artist, Graphic Designer, Musician, Minneapolis
Peyton Ordner, Poet, Minneapolis
Phala Tracy, Musician, Minneapolis
Phil Jones, Visual, Minneapolis
Philipo Dyauli, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Phillip Saint John, Musician, Minneapolis
Phillip Gonzales, Multimedia, Minneapolis
Phoebe McGowan, Poet, Minneapolis
Phoebe Worthley, Visual, Minneapolis
Phoebe O’Brien, Baker, Minneapolis
Prarl Davis, Sculptor, Minneapolis
Prerna ., Visual artist, Saint Paul
Priya Kanajam, Singer, Minneapolis
Priya Thoresen, Ceramicist, Minneapolis
Quillan Roe , Musician, Plymouth
Quinn Horacek, Visual, Minneapolis
Rachael Armstrong, Local dance choreographer, Saint Paul
Rachael Elam Bonebright, Visual, Saint Paul
Rachael Kilgour , Musician, Duluth
Poet and writer, Minneapolis
Rachel Jendrzejewski, interdisciplinary artist and writer, Minneapolis
Rachel Kurtz, Singer, songwriter, quilter, Minneapolis
Rachel Robison, Visual artist, zinemaker, Minneapolis
Rachel Lieberman, dancer, Minneapolis
Rachel Breen, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Rachel De Araujõ, Dancer, Saint Paul
Rachel Brees, sound designer, Saint Paul
Rachel Prochaska, Visual, Minneapolis
Rachel Dunlap, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Rachel Andrzejewski, Sculptor, tattoo, Lino Lakes
Rachel Daninger, Textile, Saint Paul
Rachel Bearinger, songwriter, Minneapolis
Rachel Ortiz, Writer and visual artist, Savage
Rachel Phoenix, musician, visual artist, Minneapolis
Racquel B, Visual, Minneapolis
Rae Dastoor, Actor, Duluth
Rafael Gonzalez, Singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, Minneapolis
Rah Hernandez, Visual, Minneapolis
Rahma Ajaraam, visual, Minneapolis
Rami Johansen, Visual, Minneapolis
Randi Shandroski, Visual, Minneapolis
Rascal Miles, Songwriter, Saint Paul
Ray Himmelman, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Ray L. Kloth-Rodriguez, actor/technician, Minneapolis
Rebecca Farmer, Musician, Duluth
Rebecca Janssen, Visual, Minneapolis
Rebecca Lind, Visual, Minneapolis
Rebecca Johnson, Poet, Minneapolis
Rebecca Davis, Visual, Minneapolis
Rebis Snow, Animator, Illustrator, Wood Burner, and Musician, South Minneapolis
Red Skelly, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Red Smith-Sweetser, Printmaker and Writer, Saint Paul
Reed Ross, visual artist, Minneapolis
Reies Romero, Hip Hop Activist & Educator, Saint Paul
Reiki Hall, Musician, Minneapolis
remy ripple, illustrator/plushie maker, Minneapolis
Remy Greenly, songwriter and visual, sauk rapids
Ren Gay, Poet and visual artist, Moorhead
Renée Copeland, Musician, dancer, choreographer, songwriter, composer, Minneapolis
Renée Boynton, Visual artist, Lakeville
Rennah Al-Kayali, Visual, Saint Paul
Rhea O'Shion, Visual, Saint Paul
Rhett Lila, Songwriter, visual, Minneapolis
Riah Fischer, Photographer, Duluth
Ricardo Levinns Morales, Visual, Minneapolis
Rich Ryan, Photographer, Minneapolis
Richard Lee, Comic creator, Minneapolis
Ricki Monique, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Riley Theodore, Painter, Minneapolis
Riley Eastman, Mixed/video/photo/music, Duluth
Riley Hoben, Mix media, Minneapolis
Riley Wright, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Riley Kragness, Musician/Audio Engineer, Minnetonka
Riley Kleve, Textile artist and educator, Minneapolis
Riley Skinner , Musician, Artist, Minneapolis
Rin Hennessey, Visual and musical artist, Minneapolis
Rina Rossi, musician, Minneapolis
Ritika Ganguly, Composer, Minneapolis
Rj Marso, Songwriter, poet, West St. Paul
Rob Hardy, Poet, Northfield, MN
Robby Carl, Visual, Minneapolis
Robert Lehmann, Musician, Minneapolis
Robyn Katona, Poet, Saint Paul
Robyn Earhart , Writer, editor, educator, Saint Paul
Rose von Muchow, visual artist, musician, Minneapolis
Rosemary McBride, painter, Saint Paul
Rosey Lowe, theater artist/filmmaker, Saint Paul
Rosie Castano, musician, Minneapolis
Rosie Amato, artist/metalsmith, Minneapolis
Ross Thorn, Songwriter and Singer, Duluth
Ross Clowser, Composer/Improviser, Saint Paul
rosy simas, transdisciplinary, Minneapolis
Ruben Slomianski, musician and theater artist, Minneapolis
Ruby Cromer, Photographer, Minneapolis
Ruby Dammann, Jeweler, Duluth
Ruby Arnone, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Ruby Carlson, Theatre artist, Coon Rapids
Ruby Watkins, Illustrator, Prior Lake
Ruby Josephine Smith, Choreographer, Dancer and Artistic Director, Saint Paul
Rupa Thadhani, Poet, Minneapolis
Russ White, Artist and writer, Minneapolis
Ruth Amerman, Mixed Media, Minneapolis
Ry Irene, Poet, Minneapolis
Ryan Berg, Author, Minneapolis
Ryan Nelson, Musician, Duluth
Ryan Worthley, Musician, Saint Paul
Ryan Mach, Musician, Minneapolis
Ryan Lane, Songwriter, Duluth
Ryan Moorman, Filmmaker, Hopkins
Ryan Maticka, Screenprinter, Minneapolis
Ryan Stopera, Photographer, Minneapolis
Ryan Vine , Poet, Duluth
Sabrina Fluegel, Writer, video producer, Minneapolis
Sabrina Wertman, Visual artist and painter, Duluth
Sabrina Zappa, Actor, Saint Paul
Sabrina Hammoudeh, Photographer, Saint Paul
Sadie Winter, Musician, Minneapolis
Sadie Woolman-Schlukebier, Dancer, Saint Paul
SAFFRON SERENE, Singer / songwriter / graphic designer, Minneapolis
Sage Shemroske, Writer, musician, Minneapolis
Sage Wood, visual arts + creating music, Minneapolis
Sagirah Shahid , Poet, Minneapolis
Sahar Hassan, Musician: opera singer, Saint Paul
Saint Grim, Musician, Minneapolis
Saint Saice, writer, Minneapolis
Salem Plachecki, Visual artist, Duluth
Sally Corbett, Burlesque Performance Artist, Minneapolis
Salmá Hamari, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Sam Gould, Critical Spatial Practice / Writer, Minneapolis
Sam Wolk, interdisciplinary, Minneapolis
Sam Bramble, Visual artist and musician, Minneapolis
Sam Mitchell, Dance, Minneapolis
Sam Leopold-Sullivan, Visual, Minneapolis
Sam Atkins, Multimedia artist, Minneapolis
Sam Stahlmann, Musician, Minneapolis
Sam Dauer, Graphic Designer, Minneapolis
Sam Wagner, Photographer, Minneapolis
Sam Jamison, Painter, Minneapolis
Sam Stoll, Singer, Eden Prairie
Sam Lacasse, Filmmaker, Minneapolis
Sam Cassidy, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Sam Stokley, Teaching artist, Minneapolis
Samantha Roback, Photographer, Minneapolis
Samantha Gartamaker, Visual Artist, Crystal
Samantha Tocheri, Singer, Duluth
Samantha Johns, Theater artist, Minneapolis
Samantha Georgevich, Visual artist, Chaska
Samantha Kendrick, Visual, digital, Eveleth
Samuel Wheeler, Writer, Little Canada
Samuel Ziemer, Musician, Stillwater
Samuel Wilbur, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Samuel Miller, Songwriter, Duluth
Sana Wazwaz, Writer, theater artist, musician, Minneapolis
Sanath Aithala, Drummer - Eat Lava/Large Boulder Small Boulder, Minneapolis
Sandi Flahn, Performing artist (acting, dancing, singing), New Hope
Sandra Houghton Soto, Visual Artist!, Eden Prairie
Sandra Carlo, Dancer, Minneapolis
Sandy Spieler, multi-disciplinary artist, Minneapolis
Santana Vigil, Musician, Saint Paul
Sara Masterson, Actor, Minneapolis
Sara Fowler, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Sara Pauly, Designer, Minneapolis
Sara Abdelaal, Electronic producer, Minneapolis
Sara Zabinski, Graphite artist, Minneapolis
Sara Dovre Wudali, poet, Saint Paul
Sarah Mevissen, Songwriter, sound recordist, Minneapolis
Sarah Baumert, Performing artist, dancer, Minneapolis
Sarah McCullough, Dance, Minneapolis
Sarah Myers, writer, theater artist, Minneapolis
Sarah Lawrence, Fiber artist, Minneapolis
Sarah McCarron, Writer, Minneapolis
Sarah Nassif, Visual, Minneapolis
Sarah Knutson, Painter, Minneapolis
Sarah Robey, Metalsmith, Saint Paul
Sarah Evenson, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Sarah Kass, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Sarah Peters, Book artist, Saint Paul
Sarah Anderson, Painter and teacher, Minneapolis
Sarah Haley, Visual, Saint Paul
Sarah Kraning, Painter, Saint Paul
Sarah Abdel-Jelil , multimedia artist, Minneapolis
Sarah Fox , Therapist and Poet, Saint Paul
Sarah M. Greer, Songworker, Minneapolis
Sarina Partridge , musician and songleader, Minneapolis
Sati Vm, Visual, Minneapolis
Satiah Thompson, Illustrator, Singer, Writer, Whittier
Satish Jayaraj, Author, Saint Paul
Saurin Patel, Musician, Saint Paul
Savannah Tines, visual, Minneapolis
Savannah Rachel, Cellist, Minneapolis
Sawyer Ranum, Visual, Duluth
saymoukda duangphouxay vongsay, playwright, Saint Paul
Scott Edelstein, Writer, Minneapolis
Se’Anna Johnson, Poet-MC, Minneapolis
Sean Phillips, Painter and writer, New Hope
Sean Schultz, Musician, Minneapolis
Sean Roderick, Musician, Saint Paul
SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE (Adán Gabriel Rangel) , Artist/Educator, Saint Paul
sen holiday, comic and tattoo artist, Saint Paul
Sequoia Hauck, Filmmaker, Saint Paul
Sera Olson, Songwriter, Actor, Duluth
Serena Spears, Dancer, Minneapolis
Serena Brook , Actor and Voiceover artist, Minneapolis
Seth Duin, Musician, Minneapolis
Seth Hynes-Marquette, Drummer, Minneapolis
Seth Tracy, Musician, Minneapolis
Seth Doud, Singer/Songwriter, Minneapolis
Shaila Carbajal, Songwriter / Musician, Saint Paul
Shalee Cole Mauleón, Theatre director, Minneapolis
Shana Kaplow, Visual Artist, Saint Paul
Shannon Gibney, Writer, Minneapolis
Shannon Dolan, Dancer, Minneapolis
Shannon Watts, Visual, Minneapolis
Shannon Joyce, Tattooer, Saint Paul
Sharaya Reetz, Visual artist, Saint Paul
Sharitah Nalule, Dancer, Minneapolis
Sharolyn Hagen, Photographer, Minneapolis
Sharon Picasso, Dancer, Choreographer, Transdisciplinary Creative Artist, Minneapolis
Sharon Roe, Author, Plymouth
Sharon Mansur, Dance/Interdisciplinary Artist, Winona
Sharyn Morrow, Photographer, Minneapolis
Shelby Breidenbach, Dancer, Minneapolis
Shelby Richardson, Actor, co-artistic director of WeAreMarried LLC, Minneapolis
Sheyenne Johnson, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Shirin Ghoraishi, Visual, Minneapolis
Shiua Shi, Visual artist/Songwriter/Performer, Minneapolis
Shoshana Alexander-Daniels, Improvisational actor, Minneapolis
Shreya Tuladhar, Graphic Designer, Minneapolis
Sierra Stevens, Visual, Duluth
Sierra Mccloud, Writer, Philadelphia
Sierra Belle Williams, Writer, Saint Paul
Signe Harriday, Theatre maker, Annandale
Silent Fox, Visual art, Minneapolis
Silo Keobounpheng, Musician, Minneapolis
Simon Calder, TV show host, author, and rock band leader, Minneapolis
Simone Ritchie, Writer, Minneapolis
Siri Undlin, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Skye Newcom, Musician, producer, visual effects artist., Minneapolis
Skye Wilcox, Painter, Two Rivers
Skyler Nowinski , musician, Minneapolis
Smellkin Ernesto, Musician, Minneapolis
Sofi Lopez, Fiber Artist, Minneapolis
Sofia Westhoff Kaut, Musician, Minneapolis
Sofia Green, musician, Minneapolis
Sofia Vasquez, Visual Artist: Printmaker, Minneapolis
Sofia Romani, Visual artist, performance artist, writer and poet, Minneapolis
Sofia-Rose Nagberi, Visual and Dance Artist, Saint Paul
Sommer Wagen, book artist & poet, Minneapolis
Sonia Harris, dancer, Saint Paul
Sonitha Tep, Graphic Designer, Minneapolis
Sonja Martin, Songwriter, Duluth
Sonja Sharp, Poet, Minneapolis
Sophia Meza, Dancer, Saint Paul
sophia munic, visual artist and educator, Minneapolis
Sophia Jabbour-Uban, Fine Art Photographer, Minneapolis
Sophia Louwagie, Dancer, Saint Paul
Sophia Mickman Bates, Visual, Minneapolis
Sophie Finnerty, Theatre, Minneapolis
SOULIYAHN KEOBOUNPHENG, architectural designer, Minneapolis
Sourithai Sihanantharath, Musician, Minneapolis
Sparkles Du Jour, Burlesque Performer, Minneapolis
Spencer Polk, Violist, Minneapolis
Spencer Nelson, Filmmaker, Saint Paul
Stacie Kammerling, Printmaker, Minneapolis
Stanley Spiess, Visual Arts, Musician, Minneapolis
Stefon “Bionik” Taylor, Producer, Minneapolis
Stella Williams, Illustrator, Saint Paul
Stella Healey, Visual, Saint Paul
Stephanie Gandy, Painter, Inver Grove Heights
Stephanie Gartner, Poet, art model, Moorhead
Stephanie Wilson, Game developer and writer for kids, Minneapolis
Stephanie O'Donnell, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Stephanie DeArmond, Ceramic Artist, Minneapolis
Steven Karels, musician, Duluth
Steven Schmidt, A/V, Owatonna
Stuart Gordon, Actor, Duluth
Su Hwang , Poetry Asylum, Minneapolis
Sulia Altenberg, actor, Minneapolis
Sumana Seethamraju, Songwriter/singer, Minneapolis
Summer Grimes, writer & musician, Minneapolis
Sun Chile, Performer, Minneapolis
Sun Yung Shin, Poet, multi-genre author including children’s literature, Minneapolis
Suriya Sam-Khuth, Visual artist, Rochester,MN
Suzanne Cross, Production Manager, Minneapolis
Suzanne Quinnell, Songwriter, writer, and visual artist, Richfield
Suzi Love, Performance, Minneapolis
Syd Casey, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Sydney Swanson, Dancer, photographer, Rochester, MN
Sydney Spieth, Student, Duluth
Sydney K, Dancer, Minneapolis
Sydney Petersen, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Sydney Carlino, Photographer, Duluth
Sylvan Mensink, Visual, Golden Valley
Sylvia Eisenbeis, Visual, Minneapolis
Sylvia Simon, poet, Minneapolis
Tabby R, multidisciplinary visual artist, Minneapolis
Tahiel Jimenez Medina, Film Writer Director, Minneapolis
Taiwana Shambley, Fiction writer, Minneapolis
Taja Will, Contemporary performance, Minneapolis
TaliaKnight , DJ, Producer, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Tani Hemmila, Painter, Minneapolis
Taoheed Bayo, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Tarek Abdelqader, Musician, Saint Paul
Taryn Shucha, Dancer & Stage Manager, Minneapolis
Tasha Spencer, Musician, Minneapolis
Tati Arbelaez, visual artist/disc jockey, Minneapolis
Tatum Vanyo, Media Artist, Minneapolis
Tavia Parker, Amateur Art Dabbler, Saint Paul
Taylor Kraemer-Hopkins, Band Member, St Louis Park
Taylor Shykes, Songwriter, Instrumentalist, Duluth
Taylor Donskey, Songwriter/Bassist/Organizer, Minneapolis
Taylor Selsback, Photographer, Minneapolis
Taylor Josephs, Photographer, Edina
Taylor Roth, Vocalist, Minneapolis
Taylor West, Dancer, Saint Paul
Taylor Dale, Photographer, Saint Paul
Tazrae Jemeli Song’ony, healing artist, Minneapolis
Tea Valino, Mixed Media Artist, Saint Paul
Teagan Greene, Visual, Minneapolis
Teddy Nordvold, Musician, Minneapolis
Tenacity Bethke, Drummer for Saffron Dealer and Human Battery, Minneapolis
Tenaia Mckinley, Multi talented, Minneapolis
Teresa Mahnke, Tattoo artist, Duluth
Teréz Iacovino, Visual, Minneapolis
Terresa Moses, Designer and Illustrator, Minneapolis
Terri Kenyon, Visual Artist, Fergus Falls
Terry McCarthy, Jewelry maker, Duluth
Terry Johnson, Cartoonist, Duluth
Tess Junge, Visual, Saint Paul
Tess Galati, Writer, Saint Paul
Tessa Loeffler, Visual, Minneapolis
Tessa Roux, Visual, Duluth
Tessa Cacek, Multimedia Artist, Minneapolis
Tessa Quale, Painter, Minneapolis
Theo Capistrant, Leatherworker and Textile Artist, Saint Paul
Thomasina TopBear, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Tia Keobounpheng , Artist, Minneapolis
Tiana Otto, Visual, performance, tattoo artist, Saint Paul
Tianna Price, Fiber artist, Saint Paul
Tierney Stewart, Visual artist and singer, Moorhead, MN
Tierra Diaz, Painter, Minneapolis
Tilo Rethmeier, Visual artist, Woodbury
Tim OKeefe, Musician, Minneapolis
Tim Frederick, songwriter, Minneapolis
Tim Brecht, Songwriter, Saint Paul
Timothy Herian, Dance Artist, Minneapolis
Timothy Reynolds, Writer and ceramic artist, Minneapolis
Tina Green Krause, Broom maker and wood worker, St Louis Park
Tina Gross, poet, Moorhead
TL Jordan, Zine Maker, Winona, MN
Toby Ramaswamy, Musician, Minneapolis
Todd Anderson, Songwriter, photographer, New London MN
Tolu Ekisola, Freelance, Minneapolis
Tom Moriarty, Visual artist, Duluth
Tom Gaasedelen, graphic designer, Minneapolis
Tomicka Sieve, Hairstylist, Minneapolis
Tommy Boynton , Musician/Educator, Saint Paul
Toni Leonardi, Makeup Artist, Saint Paul
Tony Colville, Costume Designer, Minneapolis
Tony Aarts, Poetry, comic, Saint Paul
Tonya Skorich, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Torey Erin, Visual, Minneapolis
Tori Nonnemacher, Silversmith, Saint Paul
Torrie Rinehart, Fiber artist, Minneapolis
torrin greathouse, Poet, Minneapolis
Tovah Rudawski, Visual, Saint Paul
Travis Collins, Painter, musician, Minneapolis
Travis Abaddon, Visual artist, Saint Paul
Travis Johnson, Dancer, Minneapolis
Trevor Woggon, Musician, Minneapolis
Trist Pflumm, Visual & Performance artist, Minneapolis
Trista McGovern, interdisciplinary artist, Minneapolis
Troy Lowry, Jr., Actor, Saint Paul
Trung Capecchi-Nguyen, Cartoonist, Minneapolis
Tryste artist, Musician, Minneapolis
Trystin Tinney, Musician, Saint Paul
Tshab Her, Interdisciplinary Visual Artist, Columbia Heights, MN
tsuko johnson, poet and visual artist, Minneapolis
Tycho Jule, Hair artist, Minneapolis
Tyler Steinley, Drummer and Producer, Winona
Tyler Haag, Songwriter/musician, Minneapolis
Tyler McAninch, Songwriter, Brooklyn park
Umar Malik, Musician, Actor, Radio DJ, Saint Paul
Ursula Girdwood, Visual, Minneapolis
Ursula Lang, Writer and Visual Artist, Saint Paul
UyenThi Tran Myhre, Writer, Minneapolis
V.V. Ganeshananthan, writer, Minneapolis
Valery Wehrman, Amateur Photographer and Graphic Designer, Minneapolis
Vatina Dormer, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Venus X, Visual, Minneapolis
Vera Bianchini, Media Arts Admin, Duluth
Victor Kirksey-Brown, Writer/Filmmaker, Minneapolis
Victoria Vang, Filmmaker, Minneapolis
Victoria Helm, Filmmaker, Minneapolis
Victoria Carpenter, Multimedia, Saint Paul
Vincent DeZutti, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Vincent Kenobbie, Visual artist/painter/fabricator, Minneapolis
Violeta Rotstein, Illustrator, Saint Paul
Walken Schweigert, Composer/Librettist/Performer, Saint Paul
Waverly Ann McCollum, Actor, Minneapolis
Wayne Pulford, Writer, Proctor
Wendy Durrwachter, Composer, pianist, Duluth
Wendy Darst, Percussion, multimedia, Minneapolis
wes muilenburg, instrumentalist / writer, Minneapolis
Wesley Phillips, Filmmaker, Minneapolis
Wesley Proctor, Visual, Rochester
Whalen Polikoff, Visual, MN
Whistler Allen, Musician, Saint Paul
Will Neisen, Filmmaker, Minneapolis
Will Bjorndal , musician, Minneapolis
William Suit, Songwriter, musician, Minneapolis
Willow Waters , artist., Minneapolis
Wilson Zellar, Musician, Saint Paul
Winona Honey, Theater and Technical Artist, Minneapolis
Wren Martin, Digital Artist, Minneapolis
Wyatt Lindberg, Visual, painter, film maker, Duluth
Wynn Fricke, choreographer, Minneapolis
Xena Goldman , Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Xiaolu Wang, filmmaker, Chicago
Xochi de la Luna, Musician/Performance Artist, Minneapolis
Yaba Gobana, Singer/songwriter, visual artist, Minneapolis
Yanna Demkiewicz, Writer, Robbinsdale
Yasmeenah S, DJ, Minneapolis
Yasmin Yassin, Photographer and Director, Minneapolis
Yhanté Williams, Curator/DJ/Graphic Designer, Minneapolis
Yonci J., Musician and Writer, Minneapolis
Zach Goldberg, Poet, Minneapolis
Zachariah Weiman, Songwriter, Minneapolis
Zachary Davis, Metalsmith and Illustrator, Bloomington
Zachary Scot Johnson , Singer/ songwriter, Saint Paul
Zack Baltich, Musician, Duluth
Zamara Cuyún, Visual Artist, Minneapolis
Zeke Caligiuri, Author, South Minneapolis
Zelda Younger, Musician, Minneapolis
Ziz Immelman, Visual artist and writer, Minneapolis
Zoe Cheng Pinto, Textile Artist, Saint Paul
Zoe Klimek, creative, Duluth
Zoe Vanden Berk, Illustrator, Minneapolis
Zoe Challenger, multidisciplinary, Minnesota
Zoe Que, Dancer, musician, Minneapolis
Zoe Keck, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Zoe Hollomon, Visual artist, Minneapolis
Zoe Prinds-Flash, Photographer, Minneapolis
Zoe Tamarkin, Visual Artist, Saint Paul
Zoë Pizarro, Visual/fiber, Minneapolis
Zoë Weinmann, Fashion Designer, Minneapolis
Zoë Koenig, Choreographer, Dancer, Minneapolis
Zoë Bird, Poet, Minneapolis
Zoe Cinel Cinel, Visual artiet, Minneapolis
Zoë Rose Jennings, Actor/poet/playwright, Minneapolis
Zofia Smith, Musician, Minneapolis
Zoja Chmielarczyk, Visual artist, Minneapolis
ZZZ Creature, Photographer, Director, Minneapolis


Action 4 MN Artists

Share this letter with your elected officials and speak out now with action tools for Minnesota artists. #MNArtists4Ceasefire

Add your name to the growing list of Minnesotan artists demanding an immediate ceasefire now. 

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